Adams Papers

From Thomas Boylston Adams to William Smith Shaw, 29 July 1800

Philadelphia 29th: July 1800

Dear William

I cry you Mercy, for deferring an acknowledgment of your favors of the 11th: & 14th: instts: to this late hour, but I have been busy for several days past, more than usual—.

There are some things, which occur here from time to time that would furnish matter for writing about—such as the scandalous stories of Duane and Madam Peggy’s courtship—sham marriage to prevent bad or unlucky consequences & real marriage afterwards to legitimatise the consequences whenever they shall happen—Visits paid by the gentleman and lady to one Tom Cooper, in Jail, a convict, under sentence of the law &ca: but altho’ I pick up a little scandal & laugh when I hear it—I have not patience to commit the same to paper—

I thank you for the enclosures of newspapers &ca: The Oration is a sort of picture of modern politics—I like the greater part of it very well.

I enclose the 2d: Number of Horatius, written, I think intelligebly, but printed on such paper as a federal type ought never to be impressed on.

My dear friend, I invite you to correct your rage for metaphoric allusion, or I shall assume the liberty, which the pursuits of Litterature uses so abundantly, of stricture & censorship, all for your own good & improvement—

What is your idea of a Hercules Government, & an Atlass faction throwing burthens on said Hercules shoulders, which prove too heavy for his strength? Your answer I pray you.

Have you thought of my books. I am going to tell you how I think you may chance to come at mine, at once. Open the box which has the highest number upon it, which most probably contains my Peter Pindar—the Rolliad—& several other <[. . .]> works, which I want very much—If this dont succeed, I know not what will—Have you found my 5th: Term Reports? My classics &ca which you promised to send?

I am your friend &ca

T B Adams—

PS. I mean to write you a letter e’re long—To day, the federal–Committee made a report of the names of Candidates to be supported at the ensuing election to fill the several offices, State & Congress—Genl: Gurney at present a State Senator is to run, instead of Mr: Waln. The other Officers are not sufficiently important to mention—I predict that the federal ticket will fail; I mean the Representative for Congress. The Republican Candidate is half one thing &—three fourth’s another—His name is Jones, a Captain of a troop of horse in the Shee legion—


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