Adams Papers

From Abigail Smith Adams to Cotton Tufts, 3 May 1800

May 3d. 1800

Dear Sir

On Board the Schooner calld the Polly, Gilbert B Fish master, Mr Brisler has put Six cast Iron plates which are for the Backs and Sides of the Chimneys; the Marble for the Hearths and front & Sides, to which I would have the chimneys made to conform. A plan of them I Sent in my last. the Marble Hearths must be laid in a good bed of Mortar and with great care, that they do not get Scratchd, or broken or Spotted; there will be a necessity of great caution in transporting them home after they arrive. the Boxes which contain them Should be put flat into a cart upon a Bed of Hay, and nothing heavey put upon them. The Marble front must have an Iron extended under it as a support, and well filld in behind it, with Brick to prevent the fire from Cracking it. the laying the Hearth in Mortar is for the Same purpose. the things are consignd to mr Smith to whom I have written, and inclosed a Bill of lading, and have desired him to call upon you for pay of freight.

I hope Sir that you will not experience any inconvenience to your Health in concequence of your care and attention to our affairs—you must gaurd against the East winds. for myself, I am in better Health than for Several Years past, and Slept well last Night after having had a drawing Room of 200 Gentlemen & Ladies which was much more than I expected when I went to Bed, for I was Somewhat fatigued. It was the last drawing Room which will probably he held in Philadelphia.

The Stair and entrys of the old House had better have a new coat of paint upon them, as they were much worn in the front part of the House I mean. the new Stairs I have a carpet for and an oil cloth for the entry. at present I do not think of any thing further.

affectionatly yours

A Adams

ICN: Herbert R. Strauss Collection.

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