Adams Papers

From Boylston Adams to William Smith Shaw, 24 April 1800

Quincy 24th Apr’1 1800

My friend

I have at Lenth Realized that wich I Long Anticipated An ingeneous Letter from you enclosed with yr. present of Majr. Jacksons Oration for which Sr. Accept My Unfeighnd. thanks; I heard but One Oration which was Judge Minots that I thought to be <as good> equal if Not superior to Any I have seen which I should enclosed to you was I not Confident you have it already In fact I have Seen So Much Idolatrous frenzy Exhibited On the Occation of Washington’s death I Am quite Sick of it Although I think with you too Much Cannot be Said in Washingtons praise as A Man yet it Ought to be Remembered he was but A Man but why Am I Grateing your Ears with that which you Must have been sick of long since you Motion’d you had Nothing to Write (poor Man) but your letter Contradicts that. if A Man Surround’d With the Cream of information & the Varieties of the world Can’t write, what Can he do who is Situate’d in A Remote part of the World And ivolved in A disagreeable And Unprofitable business? why As Much perhaps As is expect’d. when philosophizeing And Giveing directions to the Man of Genious goodness & benevolence (which was Eccellent) did you Not Mention Something of your Amarous pleasures & perplexities which probably have been Many As for Me I’m At Lenth Rid of that horid din of How does Miss A & you Come On And Are Capt. B. his wife & young B. Any More Reconciled. O Will’m the Review Makes My Blood boil. but the Recollection of their Supercilious Vanity is An Ap<p>ology. As it is A Natural Institute this you’1 Say is Egotism And Nonsense but the fact is I Can write Nothing else. but although the Manners of Sycophantic Office beggars ever present’d to people in your Situation May be pleasing for the Moment they Are not invariably the Most Sincere; there is Nothing new transpire’d in Quincy except they have At Lenth har[moni]ously Settled A Minister the probability is Mr. [St]rong will be Governour Mr. Black Representative Capt. B. Wishes to be but I think he Must gulp & Gad in Vain the President’s house is raisd & rapidly finishing Jona. Marsh has foul’d &c Tell Mr. T. B. Adams I have had a feast of Enjoyment—in An Anticipate’d Letter from him but I’m Cloy’d. My Father And friends are well. Rember Me to All friends in Philadelphia And believe me to be your Sincere / friend

Boylston Adams


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