Adams Papers

From William Smith Shaw to James Greenleaf, 9 April 1800

Washington April 9. 1800.

Dr Sir.

I am favored with your Lre & will reply thereto as fully as is in my power—the house I occupy—is built upon the side of an hill—the lower Story has two Cellars & a passage to the outhouses—

The Kitchen Story has an excellent office, abt 21 by 20. which contains a folding bed 4 windows a Store room, a pantry, & the best Kitchen in America—in the Area is the Ice House fill’d—the Kitchen is in the form of a fan thirty six feet across—with dressers & a modern Kitchen or fire to boil bathe &ca

on the ground floor there is an handsome oval room 32 by 24 & a room adjoining 20 by 28—the Oval room is so handsomely furnished, that I wish to leave the Eagle round Glasses Carpet & Couches in them as they are <cut for> suited to the room—above Stairs is a dressing room & a bed room 21 by 20.—a Center room witht a fire place about 17 by thirteen, an oval room thirty by 25—with an European Rumford Steel fire place—& a room 20 by 11 with a fire place—the same up stairs—say 8 bed rooms or 7 bed rooms & an oval sitting room—The fire places in the large room have marble and steel grates—It is the most convenient house I ever was in—the view is beautiful—<It is dry>—has an excellent pump of water on the hill which goes to the Kitchen—it is most dry, in short the President cannot be better accomodated—it has a Stable for 5 horses, a good Coach house, hay loft &ca &ca no one can but be pleas’d with it—It is warm in winter & cool in Summer having all the Southerly wind—Genl Washington was so pleas’d with it, that he said “I would never recommend a wife to counteract her Husbands wishes but in this instance & I advise Mrs. Law not to agree to a sale”—the house will have cost me about 12000 Ds. I agree to any rent say 1000 Ds. 800 if you think it too high—he may stay during his pleasure—& shall be happy, if it will accomodate the Presidt—I shall remove into one of my opposite houses—the other is for sale for 6000 Ds. on these Conds. if not liked the money to be return’d in 12 Months—it will be a most convt pleasent one & handsome—Genl Washingtons houses are well supplied with water & have an excellent spring also. they will I believe have Stables but I will enquire the rent &ca from Mt Vernon—

I entreat of you to answer the Qns as soon as you can—the Courts, are now setting in New York—I am pushed for Cash beyond your belief—Mr Cranch is settled here your Sister I saw last night quite hearty. Cranch is at Anapolis—Barry will be down here next [month]—Mr Steer has rented the [house] where I lived Carroll is [building] 7 large houses close to [the] Capitol—<If you [. . .] particularly>

I remain, / Yr. mt. fly. ob st


You will favor me by letting me know the result as soon as you can & present my respects &ca: I leave to you the mode being now rusticated in the City

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