Adams Papers

From Abigail Smith Adams to William Smith, November 1798

[post Nov. 1798]

I Love, I esteem I venerate her memory, as I did her Character while living. as She always treated me like a Child, I have every reason to Cherish her memory

I never knew a purer Character, or a more strictly pious one. from years of intimacy with her, I can truly Say, that I have seen her greived, but never angry—never passionate never off her Gaurd—always disposed to think of others in the most favorable terms, to paliate their failings and to cover their infirmities. The Law of kindness was written upon her Heart. She Streached out her hand to the needy, She fed the hungry, She cloathed the Naked, and her benevolence, was bounded only by her prudence and ability. She loved the house of God, and the place where his honour dwelleth. She was a most exemplary tender and affectionate wife—as a parent—your own heart, and those of all her Children can testify to her worth, and rise up and call her blessed.

how Sweet the Remembrance of Such a parent? and in this respect how blessed have we been? and what a duty devolves upon their Children in Concequence of it?

Where much has been given, much will be required. may this reflection Stimulate us to imitate the example of our dear departed Friends, whose memories will flourish ever verdent tho their Bodies return to Dust.

Accept my thanks for your care. Louisa desires me to Say that she Sent the Books to her Sister Fosters for you. your Brothers Books the P. wishes to keep a little longer—if he does not want them

If Captain Beals delivers you this Letter, you will send the Box with the Ring by him.

Our dear little Elizabeth is again very Sick with a fever—present me kindly to all the family.

Your affectionat Friend

Abigail Adams

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