Adams Papers

To John Adams from Rev. Zabdiel Adams, 24 August 1792

Lunenbu[rg A]ugust 24th 1792—


Mr: L’Abbé De Mably’s Observations upon the History of France, which you long since loaned to me, I have now <sent> returned by my son; & thank you for the use of them. My son has had thoughts of Studying Law; & from an Uncle of his has receeived an invitation to study with him at Halifax in Nova Scotia. Could he continue there 2 years, & then finish his Clerkship in Some office in this part of the world, & be introduced to the practice in this or some other of the united States; it would be pleasing, as it would [. . .] expence. But of this I am un[   ]n. If you are at leisure & would give him your opinion & advice relative to this matter, I shall be much obliged to you. He fluctuates in his mind between the Study of Physick & the Law. To enter either is attended with difficulty. Divinity is more within his reach; but to this he has no inclination, that I can percieve. If you will permit him to consult yourself on this subject it will be gratefully receivd by your friend & humble Servant—

Zabdiel Adams

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