Adams Papers

To John Adams from United States Congress, March 1792

[March 1792]

Mr: Bassett No
Bradley No
" Burr. No
" Butler. No
" Cabot. No
" Carroll. Aye
" Dickinson. Aye
" Ellsworth. No
" Few. No
" Foster. No
" Gunn. No
" Hawkins. No
" Henry. Aye
" Johnston. Aye
" Izard. No
" King. No
" Langdon. No
" Lee. Aye
" Monroe. Aye
" Morris. Aye
" Read. No
Robinson No
" Rutherford. No
" Stanton. No
" Sherman. No
" Strong. No
" Wingate. No

20 N

7 A.

After apportionment in the amendt. made by dividing the whole or aggregate numbers of the people in the United States by <[. . .]> thirty thousand, and apportioning them among the several States by <[. . .]> that ratio, untill they shall respectively have the number to which it will entitle them, and the residue of said members among those States having the highest fractions—

On motion to amend the amendt. last agreed to by inserting these words after the word apportionment

Yeas & Nays No 2

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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