Adams Papers

To John Adams from United States Senate, 26 March 1792

[March 26th. 1792.]

Resolved, that it be a standing rule, that the doors of the Senate Chamber remain open whilst the Senate shall be sitting in their legislative capacity, except on such occasions as, in their judgment, may require secrecy; and that this rule shall commence and be in force on the first day of the next session of Congress.

Mr. Russell. No Mr. Johnston. Aye
 "  Bradley. No  "  King. Aye
 "  <Burr.>  "  Langdon. No
 "  Butler. Aye  "  Lee. Aye
 "  Cabot No  "  Monroe. Aye
 "  Carroll Aye  "  <Morris.>
 "  Dickinson. No  "  Read. No
 "  Ellsworth No  "  Robinson. No
 "  Few. No  "  Rutherford. No
 "  Foster. Aye  "  Sherman. No
 "  Gunn. No  "  Stanton. No
 "  Hawkins. Aye  "  Strong. No
 "  Henry. No  "  Wingate No
 "  Izard. No
17 Nos
8 Ayes

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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