Adams Papers

To John Adams from Alexander Jardine, 26 May 1789

Woolwich near London 26th may 1789.—


I take the liberty favored by Dr. Bancroft to send you my book, as a small acknowledgment of the pleasure I have had in reading yours on Governmt, wch I think has advanced the subject more than any thing that has appeared since Montesquiu.—I wish it could be a little methodised & abridged, in some such way as mentioned in the monthly review, & some additions made for Spain & Portugal, where I think there may be found ample materials to confirm your principles: If any thing occurs in my book to lead you to farther thought or inquiry I shall be glad; but I now wish there had been more; since I saw yours.—We now begin to have from your theory, something like fix’d principles on the subject of most importance to man, & the world are waiting in hopes of more from your practical endeavours. I am / wth much esteem / Dear Sir / Your

A. Jardine


My best respects to Col. Smith, if near you. I used to meet him wth great pleasure at Mr. Turnbull’s Blackheath

Dr. Bancroft will be so good as keep the Communication open between us, for I shall be anxiously happy to hear of your progress & success.

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