Adams Papers

To John Adams from William Thompson, 9 March 1789

Boston March 9th. 1789


As it will be a Part of the important and honorable Office, you are chosen to sustain, to recommend, if not appoint subordinate Officers in various Departments, and as I have heretofore been intrusted with the Settlement of the public Accounts in the State of Connecticut; I beg Permission to inform you of my Readiness to serve the Public again, in any Business wherein I can be usefull, and to offer myself for that Purpose;—and I request the Favour of You Sir, to think of me, when any Employment wherein I can be servicable, shall present, for which there may be no Competitor whom You may have Reason to prefer.

This Application proceeds not from necessitous Circumstances, but from a Wish for Employment, and a Desire to be useful, therefore if in Consequence hereof I should be appointed to any Office, I shall consider myself under the strongest Obligation to perform the Duties of it with Diligence and Fidelity, not only from a Principle of Regard to the public Welfare, but also from a Sense of Gratitude to You, and an Ambition to do Credit and Honor to Your Recommendation, if I should be so fortunate as to obtain that Favour, to which I own I have no peculiar Claim

I also beg Leave, Sir, to express my own compleat Satisfaction, and to felicitate my Country, on the auspicious Choice of Mr. Washington and Yourself, to preside in the Government of our Infant Nation, and I fervently pray You may Both be assisted and prospered by the Great Governor of the Universe, and be applauded by all the Citizens of the United States.

I am Sir / with much Respect / Your most obedient / and humble Servant

William Thompson

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