Adams Papers

To John Adams from Ezra Stiles, 13 September 1788

Yale College Sept. 13. 1788


Some Men by their Merits call upon themselves the Attention of the whole Republic of Letters; and amidst a profusion of Honors from the most illustrious & respectable Bodies, they are often sollicited to accept the Talents of Estimation & Respect from Societies of inferior Consideration. Will you be pleased, Sir, to gratify the humble College of Connecticutt, in accepting as a Mark of her affectionate Love, Estimation & Honor, an ad eundem Degree of the Doctorate in Laws, which, by the unanimous [. . .] Senatus Academius, was publickly announced your Name at <the publick> our anniversary Comencement last Wednesday? We did ourselves the Honor to conjoyn your Name with those of his Exceelly Gov. Livingston, & the Hon. President Johnson of Columbia College in N. York. I am, Sir, / with the greatest Respect / Your most humble / & Obedt Servant

Ezra Stiles

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