Adams Papers

To John Adams from James Cunningham, 18 July 1788

From the Board of the Justitiae hulk at Wolwich

July the 18th. 1788

Honr. Sir

I Most humbly crave Pardon in troubling you With those few lines but of Nesiaty will make the Stoutest Heart to humble I am at Present Obliged to State my affair Before you hoping that as I know your tender feelings is No stranger to a person in My Most Unhappy Situation I Came from Philidelphiae in the ship Big 8 Capt. Calwell to this Port of london and on our return to Philidelphiae we Droped Down off as far as Debtford & I was Sent up to London on Some business of the Capt. and on my return to Debtford I was Stopped by two Men whome I knew not one of which I found to be a Constable and the other was a man that had been Robbed an hower before of 1s—6d the Man that was robed he told the Constable that it was a man Robed him with a blue Jacket and a pair of white trousers I having the same sort of clothing on was taken up for the same Robbery And the man puntualy Swore that I was the Man I was Comitted to Meaidstone And tried at the March Assises in the year of 87 and was found Guilty & was Cast for Death for the same As I am a Sinner before the face of the almighty I know No more of the Robbery than a New born Child in Short after I was tried there was another man that was Cast and also Respited he was Cast for another Affair he declared that he was the man that Done the Robery that I was Cast for I Am now Suffering in a Strange Country and far from any Person that would be of any Assistance to Me in my unhappy State I have left after Me in philadilphiae A wife and 3 Small Children I Sailed in the Service of the Congress all the wholeDuring Ware under Command of the several Capt I will Mention Viz Capt. Berry in the Alliance before or upwards of 2 years and Capt. Barny in the general Monk for 9 months and Capt Gardasin the Ship Congress and Capt. Desine in the Ship Lady washington for upwards of 14 months and as bowsain of the[hulker] brig Capt Cain for 27 Months and Several other vessels belonging to Sundry ports of the Contitinent Honr. Sir I hope that you will take My unhappy State into Considiration and to grant me Some Small trifle of Relife as I stand in great Need of any little subsistiance at Present Honr. Sir I am informed that you are brother to Mr. Adams that transacts for Congress in Cadiz if you are he is a gentleman that I am perfectly Well acquainted with and if he washear I make No doubt but He would do all that In his power lay for to be Of Service to any belonging to the States of america and I hope you will take my Most unhappy and unfortunate Affair into Consideration and Grant me Some Small trifle of subsistianc & beg So Doing I Shall in duty be bound and will Ever more pray Sir I remain your Afflicted Petitioner &c.

James Cunningham

If your honor will be so kind as to send me any thing Direct for me on board the Justitiae hulk at wolwich Kent.

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