Adams Papers

To John Adams from Thomas Brand Hollis, 7 April 1788

7 April 1788

Dear Sir

You have been used to disappointments & to struggle with adverse circumstances that you can weather a storm & bare the tedious of a calm with Philosophic patience but I do not wish you to be more tried.

to Divert in some degree I have sent at hazzard Corios History of Milan which went to your house Monday but the bird was flown—

I have added Marina de Rage which I think will entertain you & singular coming from a Jesuite. Everyone reads of Neckar’s book I can easily believe it read him upon war. I will mention it to Mortimer your subject it is time is en seconde tho[as you] partly observe more wanted in your country—That government is a science there is no doubt but the Royal Despots endeavour to prevent it being studied—

I agree with you in most of yr principles and if I differ it is with diffidence—

on the day you left England, it occurred to me than an imperial republick was a nobler & more dignified title than any other—It being the best government it should be called imperial as the first.

my time will not permit me to add more at present. you flatter me most sensibly in requesting my correspondence. I am too much interested to neglect that or any other circumstance by wch I can testify my regard & esteem of a character which the more I consider the more I approve as having stood the test of evil times & wch comes out with dignity and approbation the efforts being crowned with success for the good of his country which does not always happen’d to the virtuous.

No one rejoices in your happiness and virtues the continuance of itmore than /yr affectionate the sincere friend

T.B. Hollis

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