Adams Papers

To John Adams from Samuel Fitch, 29 March 1788

Putman Street No. 21. Putman Sqare. March 29th. 1788

Mr Fitch presents his Compliments to Mr Adams & begs Leave to remind him that at latter End of the Year 1774 and very early in 1775, Mr Adams borrowed of him the first Volumes of the Year Books, The Laws of Connecticut and New Jersey (with the Charters of each prefixed) & Smiths Historery of New York: as Mr Adams hath doubtless, these Books. Mr Fitch would be much obliged to him for the Return of them, by Callahan upon his next return to London, (if he hath them not here: as the want of the Year Book in particular breaks his Sett—Mr Fitch wishes Mr Adams & Family A prosperous Voyage & Save Arrival in America

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