Adams Papers

To John Adams from Sir Peter Burrell, 12 February 1788

Tuesday Feby. 12th. [1788]

The Master of the Ceremonies having received from Sir Peter Burrell, Deputy Great Chamberlain of England, Forty Eight Tickets for the same number of Places in the Box destined to the Foreign Ministers on account of the Trial of Mr. Hastings at Westminster Hall, has the honor of sending inclosed two of them for Mr. and Mrs. Adams, and two for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The Foreign Ministers and those persons who are to have a Place in the ambassador’s Box, are requested to meet at ten o Clock in the Morning {as formerly} in the Painted Chamber, on one side of the House of Lords, where the Master of the Ceremonies will receive and have the honor of conducting them to their seats in Westminster Hall—They will be so good to shew their Tickets on coming in, to get admittance to the Painted Chamber, but must not part with it, as the same is to serve during the whole time of the Trial.

It must be remark’d that the Tickets are not transferable; therefore in case Mr. Adams should not be disposed to attend himself, every day of the Trial, or that he should wish to change any of the Tickets to accomodate others of his friends {who must have been presented at Court} it is desired that the Ticket of the person who declines going may be sent back, and the Name and Rank of those for whom another is wanted, may be signified to the Master of the Ceremonies by Mr. Adams.

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