Adams Papers

To John Adams from Christian Lotter, 26 October 1787

Hague, October 26th. 1787.

Please Your Excellency!

The first Phrase I have learnt in my youth, in Latin, was Accidit in puncto quod non Speratur in Anno, which I now justly may apply to the present time, and the precarious changes of fortune.

Exactly two years ago, a time always memorable to me, I have been clandestinely, Shamefuly, and inexcusably [backbided], and by your Excellency painted with such dark colours from Mr. and Madm. Du Mas, till the consequence followed, a Discharge from Your Service, those Gentlemen at Amsterdam Msrs. Willink & Comp. have been battered too so long, till they agreed, I fancy unwillingly enough by some, to sent a Notrary Kleyn, (who is pretty noted too at present) with a warrant Letter to me to have the hotel quitted within the space of eight days, grieveous proceedings to an honest heart, and one in a public Character, who always striv’d to please his Master, but never thought proper neither to please nor submitt to others.

But all is past, and heaven Knows, I never have wish’d any ill to any of my ill wishers, leaving my just complaints over to providence, which leaves the least good Action not unrewarded, and no ill deed unpunished, So that I now enjoy the happiness of triumphing over those who have wished me ill, and who did not rest day nor night, till they had taken a morsel of bread out of my Children’s mouth, and for what reason, for no other, as because I was too honest So as Carpenter Heynsius was pleased to tell me, which never would bring me through the World, but thank God, I still live in my former good Credit in -<the > Papenstraat when Carpenter Heynsius cum Suis with all their strange principles must live now in remorse and darkness.

The high Esteem for Your Excellency’s Person, and the great Desire of Serving You still with the same Zeal and Affection as ever I have done heretofor makes me assume the boldness of presenting again a new my humble Services, on account of being informed and which altho is inserted in the Hague Gazette, of the 24th. of this month, that Your Excellency is to procure and sent another Agent in the place of Mr. Du Mas; I therefore thought proper to present my Service, if in case I could be in the mean time of any use for performing any Commissions or whatsover it might be either in Holland or abroad, wherewithal You will be pleased to trust me, as Your Excellency may rest assured, that nothing Shall be wanted on my part, to regain, by that new Mark of Condescention, Your Excellency’s high Protection and favour.

Wherewith I conclude in the pleasant and satisfactory hope that Your Excellency with Your dear Lady and Children may enjoy health and happiness for many days. I am / Your Excellency’s / most humble and most devoted / Servant

C.G. Lotter

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