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To John Adams from Luiz Pinto de Balsamão, 7 September 1787

London 7th. September 1787


I have received orders from my Court to inform you that notwithstanding no answer has hitherto been made to the project of a Commercial Treaty which we conferred about in London, nevertheless Sir the inclinations of Her Most Faithful Majesty are not less ardent nor less disposed to conclude this same treaty with the Ud States of Ama. of Aug. 4 on suitable terms & conditions: & I am moreover directed to add sir that my court will not delay to give you the most convincing & immediate proof thereof.—

I am desired at the same time to observe to you that it could be very useful & suitable to appoint Ministers as soon as possible on the part of the two powers, & my Court expresly orders me to endeavour to arrange this important point with you Sir & to agree definitavely on the Character these Ministers are to bear in their Missions. It is <necessary > essential to inform on this head that is will be neccessary to fix (at least) on the Title of Resident Minister, on account of reception at the Court of Lisbon, which is never granted either to simple agents nor to Consuls General: and as soon as this point shall be fixed I have orders to assure you sir that the Court of Lisbon will lose no time to appoint & send to America the person that shall be chosen to reside with the Congresss of the Ud. States.

I have the honor of being with much esteem & respect / sir / Your mos. hm. & mos. obd. Serv.

Le Che. de Pinto.

Faithfully translated from the Original by John Pintard.

DNA: Papers of the Continental Congress.

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