Adams Papers

From John Adams to Francis Godolphin Osborne, 28 June 1787

Grosvenor Square June 28. 1787

My Lord

I have the honour to enclose to your Lordship, an authenticated copy of a revolution of Congress of the third of May, relative to Phineas Bond Esquire, His Majestys Consul in the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland,. Congress being desirous, on this and every other occasion to manifest their disposition to cultivate a friendly Correspondence with Great Britain, have received Mr. Bond in his capacity of Consul, although no Treaty or Convention subsists, between the two Countries, whereby either have a right to establish Consuls in the other. As yet Congress have not received any Comissaries for Commercial affairs, and they think it most prudent not to receive them from any nation untill their Powers Shall have been previously ascertained by Agrement, lest, as those appointments are seldom made, and both parties may not have precisely the same Ideas of the extent of the Powers and Priviledges annexed to them, disagreeable questions and discussions might and probably would otherwise take Place on those delicate Subjects.

Your Lordship will be pleased to submit these Reasons to his Majesty, and to assure him that Congress regret the Objections, which oppose their complying with his Wishes in this instance: but that they are ready to join with his Majesty, in Such Agreements or Conventions, as may be necessary to remove them, and which may also tend to promote and establish a friendly and Satisfactory commercial intercourse, between the two Countries.

With great Respect, I have the Honour, / to be my Lord, your lordships most obedient / and most humble Servant

John Adams


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