Adams Papers

To John Adams from Andrew Quin, 30 May 1787

Hauge may 30th: 1787


May it please your Excellency that I should presume to trouble you With the following lines: Sir I have been latly a gunner in a holland Man of war of 56 guns. Called the Battaveir captain Lauarens Spengler We have been on the straits station, which gave me a oppertunity of Conversing with some of the American slaves at algeirs at their request. And with my ardent wishes, I offer my future service to the states of America. Sir I am of oppinion if any force was sent out to protect the trade I could be of great service to them. by making a burning shot That whould disstroy them or put them to the flight. sir this sort of shot may be used with a pistol, musket or great gun. there has been some small Proofs made of it, one of them at the hague before the prince of orange And the count malabois. thy approved of the invention. there was another small proof made last december from a six pounder at the Experiment battery at toulon before the captains and gunners of the Fleet. Thy also approved of it. I have two sons heer one is of twelve. the other eighteen years of age. I should be glad to take them along with Me. but we cannot fiend no oppertunity of working our passage. Thy Think we are loaded with money and could afford to pay two pound per head, to go as passengers, but the case is thus. we could not live on the ships provisions. thy are so widely different from the English. We ware There fore obbliged to take up the cheif part of our wages to buy nesesserys Of life and to pay eight stivers Entrest for every gilders we borrowed So that our earning is come very little. your Excellency would have me And my two sons under a obligation for life if you would interfere With the american-agents or captains to admit us to work our passage to america. and we shall carry our own provisions. and this is All that we are able to do. in so doing your most obbliged will ever pray

I Remain your excellencys most humble / sarvant

Andrew Quin

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