Adams Papers

To John Adams from Benjamin Vaughan, 21 March 1787

March 21, 87, Jeffries Square

Mr B. Vaughan presents his respectful compts. to Mr Adams, and having been desired by a friend who is absent in the North to correct the sheets of a pamphlet, in which there are many pointed things said respecting the Test of Corporation acts, wishes that it may go into the world as perfect as possible; but he fears some errors may have slipped into the inclosed pages, which if it should have happened, Mr V: to correct them by brief memorandum put upon a slip of paper. To save his Excellency trouble, the more brief they are the better, as Mr. V: has no doubt of being able to understand any thing coming from his pen, and would be much hurt to occasion more trouble than the case requires. The press is entirely stopped by the want of these two pages, and should Mr Adams happen to be disengaged, the bearer has orders to wait <[. . .]> for the favor of his answer. If engaged, Mr V requests the favor of the answer being sent when ready, by a porter.—Mr & Mrs. V. beg to present their respectful compts. to Mrs. Adams.

Are the Swiss Troops in the pay of Catholic powers always protestants?

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