Adams Papers

To John Adams from Nathan Blodget, February 1787

Mr Blodget having just recd a Boston Paper of the 28th Novr fr Capt Davis has taken the Liberty to enclose it to Mr Adams & to tell him the only Important Intellegence received by this opportunity

Vit.—That since the Late Parade of the Millitia at Cambridge, the Court of Sessions at Worcester was obstructed by about 150 Insurgents, no steps being Previously taken to Protect the Court by Government who had reason to beleive their late attention to a Catalogue of Convention Complaints would Prove satisfactory— there are a number of Letters in town of the 25to 27 novr which mention an Intended Opposition to the<Saturday> Session of Justice to be held at Cambridge the 29th novr and It seems the Governour thought it Prudent to Order the millitia to be ready—But Capt Davis was told by his excellency that <as> the rumour of a formadable <Insurection> & determined oposition was contradicted, that One Shattuck who was to lead the Mob had refused his command being disheartend by the rissing of the friends to Constitutional Liberty, & General Lincoln had likewise told him that the militia would not be orderd to march, owing to the good accounts reced from the Country a few hours previous to Capt Davis’s sailing

—Capt Davis says he will wait on Mr Adams as soon as he can & give him all the Information in his Power—

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