Adams Papers

To John Adams from Philip Mazzei, 11 January 1787

Paris, 11. January 1787.

Dear Sir,

Your last favor of the 26. of June is yet unanswered. I can have no clearer proof of my discretion, for having given you a much longer rest, than you had a right to expect from such a fellow as I am. I insist on your thanks for it; & hope you will agree that a little trouble now & then can be put up with. Pray, Sir, is it true that, early in the present age, your predecessors made a law to oblige the Captains of Vessels to give security for the good behaviour of emigrants brought by them in your State? If it is true, I would be greatly obliged to you, Sir, to inform me of the true epoc of it, if other States adopted it, if before that epoc emigrants reported to you in greater number than <[. . .]> to Pensilvania, & if it was in consequence of that law that they afterwards reported there in much greater affluence. I will give you no more trouble for the present, on condition that you will render my most respectful & sincerely hearty compliments agreable to Mrs. Adams, & that you will believe my with great regard & esteem, / Dear Sir, / Your most Obedient and / most Humble Servant

Phillip Mazzei

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