Adams Papers

Abigail Adams to Mary Smith Cranch, 22 Oct. 1797

East Chester October 22 1797

My dear Sister

I have been from Quincy near 3 weeks, in all that time I have not heard a word from thence, I have written twice, I have not yet been into N york, and one might as well be out of America as in this Village only 20 miles distant from N york for unless we send in on purpose we cannot even get a Newpaper out, yet are we in Sight of the post road. it is quite a village of Farmers who do not trouble their Heads about any thing, but the productiveness of their Farms. mrs Smith has lived here 18 months with making only one visit in the place—there is an Episcopal Church near here where there is divine Service one a fortnight. thiether we went last Sunday

We have had Some pleasent [weather] during the last week. I rejoiced in it, both on account of the Military parade & the Festival which was Brilliant indeed, and on Mrs Nortens account I think it was the week She designd for her journey. Mrs Smith is anxious to hear from her Children. I fear in the multiplicity of Sister Peabodys cares she will not think how desirious Mrs Smith is of hearing from her Boys—and She ought to receive all the comfort she can, for she has her full share of anxiety and trouble—I cannot leave her here this winter with not a single creature within 20 miles of her to speak <a> word to, or shorten the long Solitary Winter Evening

I want her to take her little Girl & go with us to Philadelphia. her feelings are Such as you may suppose on such a proposal what under different circumstances would have given her great pleasure, She now feels as a soar calimity, yet I do not see what else she can do.

I make no reflections but in my own Breast, it is some comfort, to know that She has not been the cause, and that She could not prevent the misfortunes to which She is brought,

from the Col we have not heard. nor can I learn that his Brother has—

I hope you are well and the rest of our Friends, tell Sister Smith I will give her half a dollor pr pair for as many as She can knit for me, and I will send you the money to pay her and to get me some more cotton. tell Mrs Brislers Friends that I hear every day or two from [him] <them> and that they are

RC (MWA); incomplete (second leaf of MS missing)

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