Adams Papers

Mercy Otis Warren to Abigail Adams, 17 Aug. 1797

Plimouth august 17th 1797

My dear Madam

Though not favoured with a reply to my last I do not construe the delay as a wish to drop the intercourse. I therefore take up my pen to congratulate you on your safe return to the salutary air of your own pleasant farm after the perils of a summer residence beneath a southern hemisphere—

I hope both you and the president enjoy perfect health—to him my most respectful complements: they are joined by his old and esteemable friend General Warren, and the remnant of my family about me.—

I will detain you but a moment from more interesting avocations—

You madam have been long used to my manner: that of speaking from the feelings of the heart. I will only add I recollect with pleasure the agreable visit you gave us the last summer: and that I sincerely wish season and inclination would render it convenient to make it annual: I will not say how much this would gratify those who know how to rate the value of friendship on a juster scale than is usually done by such as hover round the purlieus of a Court.—Nor will you wonder when I observe the honour of a visit from the President of the United States and his lady would be estimated as but a secondary Consideration to the Pleasure of social and friendly converse—always placed as the first point of human happiness in the eye off my dear madam your real / Friend and Humble Servant

Mercy Warren—

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