Adams Papers

Abigail Adams to Mary Smith Cranch, 5 Jul. 1797

[. . . .] Salute drank the presidents Health gave 3 cheers and marchd off with perfect decorum & decency next in order came the House of Reps in a body, and after them the Senate, Foreign ministers Secretaries and Ladies of those Gentlemen I Should [. . . .]

[. . . .] I have just this morning closed a long letter to your son. I congratulate you upon the Birth of an other Grandson. he wrote me a Letter last week upon a Subject which it is like he will, or has communicated to you. I have given him the Same advice I would a Son of my own so far as I was able to Judge, and have offerd to procure Law Books for him here to the amount of 200 Dollors if he Should judge it Eligible to persue the practise of the Law I Saw this week a mr Scott one of the commissioners from Washington, a very decent well informd man. he dinned with us. I made particular inquiries respecting mr Cranch he assured me he was very much respected and esteemed there. I asked him if he thought he would Succeed in the practise of the Law there. he replied he did not doubt it. he must have patience & perseverence, but with the qualities mr Cranch possessd he had never known a person fail.

I cannot but think it will be better for him to remain there, than attempt a removal at an uncertainty and I have written him so—

I hope mr Gerry will not refuse to accept the mission to which he is appointed. he has not given a decicive answer yet. I know he will not rashly decide, but he must know when a House is ready to burst into Flames. he deserves well of his country who will assist in putting it out. I cannot begin upon publick affair. I am not certain but I lye exposed for having written some thing or other, a Letter to mrs Smith has not been received tho written 8th June. it containd a post Note and I believe was taken from the office in N york. [. . . .]


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