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Mercy Otis Warren to Abigail Adams, 6 Apr. 1797

Plimouth April 6th 1797

your late letter my dear madam was wrote in the pious stile of your early education —of your former and present friendship—marked with a sense of the vanity of human Glory: acquired by education, experience and a knowledge of mankind.

I sincerely wish you may obtain that crown which you have made the ultimatum of your wishes. confident there is none other worth persuing—

I intended to have made you one visit before you took up your residence in the southern capital, in a situation [. . .], arduous, yet enviable among those who have not seen enough of life to convince them of the dilusory nature of most of its objects.—a situation more replete with splendour than tranquillity—more congeniel to the wishes of ambition than to the task for domestic felicity long cultivated by me & mrs Adams.—and highly enjoyed in the still & pleasant walks of peace feild—Mr Adams has entered on his dignified station at a period when the greatest ability & perspicacity—the clearest understanding & the most uncorruptable virtue is necessary to Guide the helm: and conduct the political back in safety between Scilly & Charibdes

God Grant he may be an instrument in the hand of providence to preserve the united states from war: or from slavery. I wish I Could add with a valiaunt hope from venallity and vice—expectation is awake among all parties—among the [. . .] of his fame emulation is on tip toe—Patriotism & affection accompany the wishes of his friends—and his enemies lie in wait [for reasons] to justify disapprobation.—

This is the world—This your friend knows without [any] description of mine—he knows also or ought to know that he has friends at Plimouth who wish his administration may be productive of Glory safety & happiness both to himself and his Country—

When you pass through New York you will name me with affection to your Children there—You are sensible my dear madam without any fresh assurance that in whatever plan you relish to hear from you by your own pen, will so long as she is a spectator on this theatre of change be truly Gratifying to your Friend & humble servant

Mercy Warren

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