Adams Papers

Thankfull Hobart to Abigail Adams, 24 Mar. 1797

abington march ye[thorn] 24 1797

Dear madam

I take my pen to make a Request to you in Behalf of Elisha adams as you are in high SurcomeStances I was [. . .] affraid to Right Butt have Ben [. . .] with to Dear madam the Case is this Elisha adams has Bought a Plase which he agred to give 1600 hundred Dollers and has Paid 800 Dollers try Be so kind as to lend him 4 or 5 hundred Dollers tis Not in my Power to Let him have the money I shuld be exceding glad if he can get the money I wish it was in my Powre to help him I Will Promice to Pay the Intrest I fear he will Not Be able to Pay for his place un-les Some Person will send him the Cash he Can Not Pay it in 1 year But may in 3 or 4 yers Dear madam Pray Be so kind as to fauer him if it is in your Power for how can I Endure to see him turnd out of Dors I Beleue in a fue years he Can Pay for it the man he Bought it of is in Destres for the money

Pray madam Parden me if I have Intrued Axcuse my Poor Speling and Riting I must in form you that he is under oblations to Pay the money By the first of april

I fel very anckahes abot the affair

Pray Reade with Cander if I am Denide I Remaine your Sincer friend till Death

thankfull Hobart

NB the Barer Will in form you of his [. . .] Charicter / Pray Rite By the Barar

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).

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