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Henry Billings to John Adams, 30 Dec. 1786

Hull Decbr. 30th: 1786

Honnord Sir

I take the liberty of informing you of my Present Situation, & beg your honour’s Assistance & advice, in what manner, I am to proceed as having no friend, or acquaintance, nether here, or yet London.

I arrived here the first of october in a schooner from north Carolina, with a fraight of Navil Stoors, I finding there was no fraight offerd for America, till the Spring, the bad State of my health, Obliged me, to lay my Vessel up untill the Spring,, discharged, all my Ships Crew, & took Sick Quarters, at a private house, where I have been Confined to my room ever Since, till [with in] a few days ago, I never during the time of detention here, have been on board my Vessel, but three times which was to See her, the Ship keeper, who was formerly my mate, but discharged, at the Same time the rest of the Crew. I gave him his Vituals, for keeping the Ship, when the Cargo was discharged, the [officers] Sharchd: the Ship & Cleerd: her, as the found nothing countraband on board, which I can make Affidavid off—on the 22 Inst, I was on board, when the Excise officers Came on board and informd: me the had an information against my Vessel; thinking my Self thoughroughly Cleer of aney Such demenor, I desired them to Sarch the Vessal thoughroughly & Welcome the Ship Keeper, being on board, I enquired of him, what was the occation of this, or if he had aney thing on board. he to my great Surprise enformd: me he had recd: from Some person Seven Galln: rum, 140H Chocolate, 7 would [not] informe me the person as he recd: it to Sell for them—this was done entirely without my kno[w]ledge & Such he the degressor enformd: the officers, and is redy to take his affidavid there to—My Vessel belongs to Norwich, in conecticut, my own property, & am a Native of that place, I having no person here, to advise with, & the extrodenery expences, in this place, has taken away more than the Whole of the fraight, Should I be so unfortunate, as to loose My Vessel, I am ruind:—being I am Cleer of this Matter as a Child unborn, let me beg the favour of Your Honours assistance, in this Case, and Shall ever esteem it as the highest ohonour, if you will favour me with a letter, with your advice—hoping your Honour will Excuse this liberty.

I remain / Your Honours Most / Obdt: & most Humb Servt

Henry Billings

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