Adams Papers

Le Couteulx & Cie. to John Adams, Dec. 1786

Paris Decemr. 1786


As Agent to Mr Robert Morris of Philada. we have the honour of addressing your Excellency; and on the following Occasion.

By a letter from M. Andrew White of Cork Merchant, to Messr Reilly & Co. of. Rouen, we are informd that a Ship from Virginia, laden with Tobacco, and bound to France, on account of his contract with the Farmers General, had after a passage of 10 week put into that port, in the greatest distress; and that under pretence of some intention to Smuggle some of the said Tobacco; the Vessel and her Cargo, was under seisure.

We have as yet received no direct advice relative to the affair; nor do we Know of the name of the Vessel; but as the whole of the Cargo, is the property of M. Morris, should such an Attempt even prove to be the fact, it can only be Attributed to the Villainy of some of the Crew; and not to any intention in M: Morris; we have therefore to request, that Your Excellency, will be pleased to take such steps, as you may judge proper, in order to obtain the release of the said Vessel and Cargo; and as soon as we receive any further information, we shall transmit the same to your Excellency

Messr. Bourdieu Chollet & Bourdieu, oure Correspondents in London, will have the honour of delivering you this Letter; permit to add, the assurance of our being with the greatest Respect / Your Excellency’s / Most Obed Hble Servans

Le Couteulx & Cie.

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