Adams Papers

Beriah Norton to John Adams, 27 Nov. 1786

Oxford Street 393 Nor. 27


With the most respectfull deference purmit me to return your Excellency my most unfained thanks for your kind and generous assistence to my once more injoying that Valuable jual calld, liberty, and at the Same time to assure you that it is out of the power of language to express how much my mind is distresst on apperahending that you Sir have received such representation with respect to my Conduct as has a tendency of lessining my Character in the mind of that man which of all other on earth I wish it to stand fare, no man Can wist to Conduct themselves So as to desarve a fare Character more than my Self, nor no won more hurt in beliaving that any thing either real or supposed has taken place that has a tendency to enger it. I should have waited on you my Self if I thought the present State of my mind Could have supported me with decency to Converce with you, or your most Amiable Lady, I beg Sir that you will Susspend makeing up any opinion of my past Conduct till I may have the honor of Speaking with you in–person. I beg you will let me know by the Bearer when I may <have> Call on you So as to find you least ingaged in Company & that I may have your advise in Some matters of Consequence

I remane your Excely most faithfull & most humr Sert,

Beriah Norton

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