Adams Papers

John Adams to Jon. Dryander, 11 Sep. 1786

Grosvenor square septr. 11. 1786.


I have recieved the Letter you did me the honor to write me, on the ninth of this month, with the Packett containing a Copy of the astronomical Observations of Greenwich for the 1775 to 1784—and the first part of the Philosophical transactions for this year.

I will embrace with pleasure the earliest oppertunity of transmitting this valuable present to His Excellency James Bowdoin who is President of the American Accademy of Arts & sciences, and at the same time inform him as you desire, that of the Philosophical Transactions to be published hereafter, a Copy will, on the publication of each part, be delivered to any Person the American Accademy, shall appoint to receive them, from the Clerk of the society, at the society’s Appartments in sommeset Place, according to the Custom of distributing the Philosophical transactions

J. A—

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