Adams Papers

John Adams to the Comte D’Adhémer, Jun. 1786

Grosvenor square June 3d. 1786


I do myself the honor to inclose to Your Excellency an Extract of a Letter, I received yesterday, from His Excellency James Bowdoin Governor of Massachusetts, together with the Document under the seal of the State, therein referred to—

As the ransoming Captain is an English Man, he no doubt applauds himself for the address with which he persuaded a simple American to go as an Hostage upon Promises, which, as he never has given himself any concern about he probably never intended to fulfill—at present as Gross can have no remedy, against him—he has no Compassion for Gross & would probably, with great indifference suffer him to pass all his Days in Prison, & as the Relations of the Hostage, are poor and unable to pay the ransom, he must remain in Prison till he perishes, unless the Government, or the Persons interested, will consent to his Liberation.

I beg leave to intercede with your Excellency in behalf of my unfortunate Countryman, that his Case may be transmitted to your Court, to the End that he may be sett at Liberty, either by the humanity of the persons interested, or by the authority of Government upon whom the expence of his Maintenance in prison for Life will otherwise fall—


J. A—

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