Adams Papers

John Adams to Mr. [Elisha] Doane, 25 May 1786

May 25th. 1786


In answer to the Letter you were so good as to write me concerning the case of your Vessel, I have to inform you, that one of the Gent. of the House of Lane son & frasier called upon & delivered me your papers—soon afterwards. I had occasion to write a Letter to Ld. Carmarthen concerning this subject. And proposed to his Ld:p a Plan for settling all disputes of this Nature and as your papers threw much light upon the subject. I Communicated them for the information of his Britannic Majesty’s Ministers—His Lordship lately told me, he had laid them before the kings learned Council—But I have no answer from Court upon the subject—The Papers are best where they are, unless you prosecute your lawsuit but you must employ other persons to conduct it, if you do, or perhaps must remit money to carry it on, if you determine, to pursue it at Law, your Attorney [so asent] may have the papers at any time from Ld. Carmarthens office, in which, if he meets any difficulty, I will, when he applies to me assist him—But I will deceive no body, there will in my opinion be no redress for this or any other Complaint respecting frontier Posts, Negroes public or private debts or demands while there is one Law of any state in force against the recovery of the Debts contracted before the peace, I have done all in my power and am in total dispair—

Your &c

J. A—

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