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Sunday July the 15th 1781.

Sunday July the 15th 1781.

This morning at about four o’clock we set off from Coblentz for Francfort, Where we arriv’d at 8 ½ o’clock, the distance is 84 English Miles; All the way, the roads are mountainous till you get within about 10 Miles of Frankfort, and then you come upon a very large plain. The roads till the plain are in general very bad; but the soil is good, and cultivated in some places. On this plain we saw some fields of Indian corn, which was the best I have seen in Europe, tho by no means so large and fine as that in America.

From the Spectator (continued from yesterday).1

1Here follow, on about one page in the Diary, the concluding two paragraphs from The Spectator No. 631 (ed. Bond description begins The Spectator, ed. Donald F. Bond, Oxford, 1965; 5 vols. description ends , 5:158).

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