Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Benjamin Vaughan, 21 April 1819

Philadelphia, April 21, 1819.

Dear sir,

I have taken the liberty to send you, through Mr J. Q. Adams, a tin box containing Dr Physick’s prescription for the cutaneous application, as mentioned in my letter. The particulars of the recipe will follow.

Genl Van Damma (I hope I spell his name correctly) tells Mr Levett Harris, whom you know, that he has received his passport to return to France; that France is tranquil; that the peers proving averse to the change of the law of elections, it remained in force; that the king would soon go through his unation at Rheims; & that an amnesty was expected, though it was not certain whether Genl De Gruchy would in the first instance be included in it.

By a declaration of the President of the Bank at Paris, it appears that some postponement had been given to the instalments due to foreign powers, by consent; & that discounts had been of late freely made, having gone in one week to the amount of 60 millions of livres. The tenor of the piece is that of confidence; & the “ransom” is now considered as settled & over.—I speak this from memory.

With respect to the discoloring of plaster of Paris, I believe we may pronounce it as unknown¿ if we judge from casts; whether made from the gypsum of Montmartre or Nova Scotia. The article which becomes discolored, is stucco, or plaster mixed with mortar; & therefore it is important to examine how far mortar may contain iron, when designed for stucco.

Not having heard further respecting your house, I trust that the fire only affected the offices.

I beg to present my particular respects to Mrs Randolph & the young ladies. I have the honor to be,

Dear sir, Your respectful & faithful humble Seran

Benjn Vaughan

I purpose leaving this place to day, to move homeward; having desired the turnip seed to be inclosed to you, as requested.

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