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Orderly Book, 10 November 1758

Orderly Book

[10 November 1758]

Loyall Hannon Friday Novr 10th 1758

Parole King George

Field Officer for to morrow Majr Peachy.

Adjutant for to morrow 1st V. Regiment.

A General Court Martiall to sit Consisting of 1 Lt Colo. 2 Majors & 10 Captains to sit to morrow morning at 9 OClock at the Presidents Tents.

All the Evidences to Attend.

Capt. McKenzie1 of the H. B. Judge advocate.

Lt Colo. Lloyd President.

It is General Forbes’s orders that the following Officers of the Maryland Companies take rank and Command amongst the Troops in the following mannr. Mr Richd Parris as Capt. Lieut.[,] Ens. James Gorrell Lt[,] Ens. Bell Lt[,] Mr Phillip Love as Ens. and Mr B⟨ar⟩ton Lucas as Ens.2

1This was probably Capt. Alexander McKenzie of the 77th Regiment. Capt. Hugh McKenzie of the same regiment was reported killed at Duquesne on 14 Sept. 1758. Roderick McKenzie was also a captain in the regiment.

2The frontiersman Richard Pearis had been a captain in the Maryland military forces for about a year at the end of May 1758 when Governor Sharpe relieved him of his command and distributed his men among the other Maryland companies. Forbes and Bouquet then began using Pearis to escort Cherokee warriors and to lead scouting parties into the wilderness (see, for instances, Bouquet to Forbes, 13 July, 18 Aug. 1758, in Stevens, Bouquet Papers description begins Donald H. Kent et al., eds. The Papers of Henry Bouquet. 6 vols. Harrisburg, Pa., 1951-94. description ends , 2:200, 379–82). According to company muster rolls and ledgers, James Gorrell (Gorrel) was an ensign in Capt. Joshua Beall’s company when he was assigned on 28 June 1758 to Capt. John Dagworthy’s company. After becoming a 2d lieutenant in November 1758 Gorrell remained in Dagworthy’s company until he left the service on 26 April 1759. Ensign Bell was either Levin Beall or Rezin Beall, probably the latter. Levin Beall was a 2d lieutenant in Dagworthy’s company until 9 Nov. 1758 when he became a 1st lieutenant in Capt. Alexander Beall’s company and Rezin Beall was made a 2d lieutenant in Capt. Francis Ware’s company. Both of the lieutenants Beall left the Maryland service when their companies were disbanded 30 Dec. 1758. Private Philip Love became a cadet in Alexander Beall’s company in February 1758. From 9 Nov. 1758 to 26 April 1759 he was an ensign in Dagworthy’s company. Barton Lucas, a cadet in Joshua Beall’s company on 9 Nov. 1758, subsequently was made an ensign in Alexander Beall’s company to serve until 30 Dec. 1758. See “French and Indian War. Roster of Maryland Troops, 1757–59,” Md. Hist. Mag., 5 (September 1910), 273, 278, 281.

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