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Enclosure F: [State of Monies Transferred to the United States], 21 December 1793


Dr. State of Monies Transferred to the United States, Out of the Proceeds of Foreign Loans64 Cr
Dollars Cents Dollars Cents
To this Sum paid to France for the Use of St. Domingo65 726,020.   By this Sum drawn by the Treasurer on the Commissioners in
“ payment to France of 3 Millions of Livres pursuant to an Agreement with M. Ternant66 544,500.   Dollars
Amsterdam Florins 5,649,621.2.8 = 2,305,769.13
“ ditto for miscellaneous purposes paid to Mr. Ternant 49,400.  
From which deduct the Amount of Bills sold to the
Bank of the United States, but afterwards surrendered
495,000.   = 200,000.  
“ Instalment due to France, September 3d. 1793—1,500,000 Livres67 272,250.  
“ ditto due   Novem. 5th.    do.    1,000,000 livres68 5,154,621.2.8 2,105,769.13
On which there has been paid Dollars 178,879.35 By this Sum applied in Europe to the payment of Interest, for which provision was made out of Domestic Funds, and thereby virtually drawn to the United States, vizt.
Balance to be paid  2,620.65
“ Payments made to Foreign Officers69 Dollars 66,089.77 Interest from the 1st. of February 1791 to the 1st. of December 1793, paid and to be paid— Florins 2,940,790.13
Reserved to be paid 125,227.13
191,316.90 From which deduct this Sum remitted from hence   536,565. 4
“ This Sum expended in purchases of the public debt—Vizt. Florins 2,404,225. 9 * at 36⁴⁄₁₁ d.  971,404.22
1793 February 4th. Dollars 50,000.   Dollars 3,077,173.35
 “   Do.  19 234,901.89 Treasury Department, December 21st, 1793
 “   Septem. 2d.  50,000.   Alexander Hamilton
“ Instalment to the Bank of the United States70 334,901.89 Secy. of the Treasury.
“ Balance subject to further disposition 200,000.  
  577,284.56 * The precise amount of Sum thus paid for Interest cannot be definitively pronounced till the Completion of Settlements of Foreign Accounts now going on at the Treasury.
Dollars 3,077,173.35

64Copy, RG 233, Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury, 1784–1795, Vol. IV, National Archives.

67This was an installment paid on the 1782 loan from France of eighteen million livres. For a description of this loan, see Short to H, September 1, 1790, note 17.

68This was an installment paid on the 1782 loan from France of ten million livres. For a description of this loan, see Willink, Van Staphorst, and Hubbard to H, January 25, 1790, note 3.

69For a description of the debt owed to foreign officers, see Short to H, August 3, 1790, note 5. For the negotiations on the payment of these officers, see H to Short, August 16, September 13, 1792; H to Washington, August 27, 1792; Washington to H, August 31, 1792; H to Gouverneur Morris, September 13, 1792.

70See note 4.

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