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Enclosure: Certificates Received for William Short, 31 December 1793

Certificates Received for William Short

Certificates received by Th:J. for William Short
No. kind principal date of intert. date of transfer signer office.
521. 6. pr. C. 2,800.   Oct. 1. 1793. Nov. 18. 93 Jno Co[llins] New York } recd from Patrick Kennon1
523. 3. 2,356.01 do. do. do. do.
524. deferred 2,150.   Jan. 1. 1801. do. do. do.
535. 6. pr. C 1,093.89 Oct. 1. 1793. Nov. 22. 93 Jno Hopkins Virginia. } from J. Hopkins for Mr Brown.2
898 6. 15,342.18 do. Nov. 23. 93 do. do.
899 deferred 7,504.42 Jan. 1. 1801. do. do. do.
900 3. pr. C 11,256.63 Oct. 1. 1793. do. do. do.

The above certificates were delivered in to the Treasury office at Philadelphia, and the following were taken in exchange, having merely the effect of transferring them from N. York and Richmd. to Philadelphia.

No. kind principal date of interest signer office.
 1464. deferred 7,504.42 Jan. 1. 1801. Nourse Treasy. of US.3
 1724. 3. pr. C 11,256.63 Oct. 1. 93 do. do.
 2424 6. pr. C 15,342.18 do. do. do.
 6511. deferred 2,150.   Jan. 1. 1801 do. do.
 7750 3. pr. C 2,356.01 Oct. 1. 93 do. do.4
10429 6. pr. C 2,800    do. do. do.
10430 6. pr. C 1,093.89 do. do. do.5

P.S. The whole sum of interest received by Mr. Brown has been Đ 2221.09 but I suspect that the 1,093.89 above stated, and also 333.33 part of the 15,342.18 have been purchased with it, and perhaps his commissions and disbursements take a part of the rest.

Dec. 31. 93. I have this day resigned. E. Randolph succeeds me.

MS (ViW); entirely in TJ’s hand; with related computations by Short on verso of address cover of TJ’s letter, including a table of figures Short captioned “In the hands of Mr. Jefferson.” PrC (DLC). MS (DLC: Short Papers); variant text in TJ’s hand probably written in part no earlier than May 1795 (see note 5 below); consists of the two tables printed above, the first being headed “A list of mr Short’s Certificates received by Th:J.” and the second “Dec. 17. 1793. Received from the treasury certificates in exchange for the above as follows,” with entries arranged according to date of interest; contains variant glosses as noted below, but lacks TJ’s other commentary and postscripts; endorsed by TJ: “Short Mr.”; with related computations by Short. Tr (ViU: Edgehill-Randolph Papers); 19th-century copy.

1Below these four words in MS in DLC TJ wrote a second gloss: “received from him also 109.83 cash.”

2Gloss lacking in MS in DLC.

3Here in MS in DLC TJ wrote this gloss: “sold.”

4In MS in DLC TJ wrote the following gloss for this and the preceding certificate: “sold to purchase land of W. C. Carter.” See Articles of Agreement with William Champe Carter, 20 Apr. 1795.

5In MS in DLC TJ wrote the following gloss for this and the preceding certificate: “sold to purchase Canal shares.” See TJ to Short, 25 May 1795.

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