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Enclosure: Invoice to Robert Cary & Company, 20 July 1767


Invoice to Robert Cary & Company

20th July 1767

Invoice of Goods to be sent by Robert Cary Esqr. & Co. for the uses of George Washington—Potomack River—Virginia1—Vizt

6 Strong & Secret padlocks—middle size 1 Steel Slay—proper for Weaving Sale Cloth No. 32 1 pr Weavers pickers 1 pr Ditto Shears 4 pr Clothiers Cards 6 pr Course Wool Do 4 frying Panns—viz.—2 large—1 middle Size—& 1 very small 2 Iron Skillets—1 to hold 2 Quarts—the other 3 Quarts 1 Hunting Horn 12 pr Dog Couples 2 lb. best knitting Needles sorted—not to be made of Brass 6 pr best Sheep Shears 6 best brass Cocks—common Size 4 best Carpenters broad Axes 4 Ditto Ditto Adzes 6 Do Do Clow Hammers 6 Do Do large & strg Compasses 6 two feet Rules 6 knots of Chalk line

1 Sett of Iron Scures for Cooking 1 Larding Pin for Do 1 Glaziers best Diamond wt. the point Md. 6 M common brass Nails 1 Sett of pinking Irons 1 Tap borer 2 large Funnels 6 Quart Tinn Canns 1 Small Coffee Pot of block Tinn 2 Chocolate Do of Do 1 large the other small 1 Dozn Tinn Sheets 200 Needles proper for Workg × Stitch 100 fathom of Deep-Sea Line 6 Cords of Drum Line3 70 Yds Russia Sheetg @ 1/6 white 2 ps. Russia Drab for Drill 200 Ells of Rolls @ 4d. 1 piece of Buckram 1 dozn fine Cambk Pockt Handfs of the Chinese sort at abt 3/6 2 best 8/4 flanders Bed Ticks4 with Boulsters & Pillows 2 large Mattrasses

6 lb. best Green Tea 3 lb. Do Hyson Do 3 lb. best flour of Mustard 25 lb. Jordon Almonds 10 loaves dble refind Sugar 10 Do single Do 1 Jarr best new Raisons 1 Do Do Do Currts ½ Gallon fine Sallid Oyl 4 Quart bottles of Capers 4 Do Do best french Olives 50 W best white Bisquet 3 dble Gloucester Cheeses abt 60 lb. 1 Cheshire Do abt 40 1 Groce best bottled Porter 2 best Launcets in one case 6 Common Do each in sepe & Commn 25 lb. Antimony 10 lb. flour of Sulpher5 2 Oz. Honey Water 3 Quarts Spirit of Turpentine 2 lb. best Jesuits Bark powdered 3 Oz. of Rhubarb Do, & put into a bottle 1 pint Spirit of Hartshorn 6 Oz. Do of Lavender 6 Do Do Nitre 1 lb. Blistering Plaister 4 Oz. Tincture of Castor 8 Do Balsam Capivi ¼ lb. Termerick6

2 lb. french Indigo (or Spanish if better for dying[)] 6 lb. of Braziel for Do 10/ worth of gold leaf 10 lb. finest green Paint g[roun]d in Oil 3 fine painters Brushes 3 dozn pr plaid Hose No. 3 3 dozn pr Do Do No. 4 2 best white Woolen Cirsingles 3 Cruppers for Mens Saddles 1 ps. best Sattin Ribbon for the Hair ¼ lb. Cloth colourd Sewg Silk 2 Oz. black Do Do 2 lb. whited brown thread 4 Oz. 6d. Do 4 Oz. 8d. Do 4 Oz. 12d. Do 4 Oz. 2/ Do 3 Oz. blew Coventry thread 1 Oz. vert do 6 pieces of Bobbin 6 Do beggars Tape ½ Groce Collr Laces 12 ps. Stay Tape

3 Quire large Elephant Paper 6 dozn Packs Harry Cards 1 handsome Pocket Book (pretty large ⟨for⟩ a Man) contg Scisrs Tweezrs &ca not to exd ⟨mutilated⟩ Introduction to Trade & business, or the Youn⟨g⟩ Merchts & Tradesmans Mag[azin]e by Wm M⟨cmutilated⟩ The 7th Volume of Museum Rusticum if ⟨mutilated⟩ be published7

6 pr Womans fine Cotton Hose 6 pr Do Do thread Do 6 pr Mens large Spun Silk Do 3 p⟨r⟩ to be ribd & not to exd 5/ pr p[ai]r 6 pr Do Do W. thread Do not to ex⟨mutilated⟩ 2 pr Stitchd Topd buck Gloves for a large hand (Mens) 1 pr Stoutest Buck Breeches of Susanna Coleman (pr Meas[ur]e sent) if the last be lost 4 Mens Castor Hatts @ 5/ 1 do best Beaver 12 groce best Corks 25 lb. best Battle powder 25 lb. Do FF Ditto 150 lb. drop Shott No. 2 150 lb. large Bristol blew 25 lb. very small Mould Shott 6 blew & white Stone Chamber Potts 3 pint stone Mugs 6 Qu[ar]t Do Do 3 Pottle Do Do 100 Squares best window Glass 11 by 9 15 lb. Putty 20 lb. of the best kind of Turnep Seed ½ Bushel of Rape Seed 1 dozn Hair Sifters

of Mr Didsbury pr Letter8—1 pr dble Campaign Boots 1 pr Do Do Shoes 1 pr strg Calfskin Slippers 6 pr bla: Callima Pumps Wns.

1 Great Coat &ca pr Lettr to Mr Lawrence9

to be bought of Mrs Shelbury—1 Handsome Minionet Cap propr to wear with a Sacque & Coat by a person abt 35 yrs of Age—Not to be a fly Cap nor to exceed a Guinea 1 Do propr to wear with a Night Gown by Do & to cost only 15/ 4 yds fine Min[ione]t Lace @ 6/ for an Apn 4 dble Muslin Hand. wt. borders @ 4/ 1 Black Barcel[on]a Handkerchf 12 yds fashe trimg for a white Silk 6 Skeleton Wires 12 ps. fine french Tape 1 ps. fine Kenting @ 50/ 2 ps. Hanover Lace @ 3d. 8 yds blew 3d. Ribbon 8 Do Green 3d. Do 8 Do Laylock Do10

2 Trunks exactly of the following Dimns—one of them two feet 6 Inchs long—1 foot wide—& 10 Inchs deep—The other to be 2 feet 6 Inches long—18 Inchs wide—& of the same depth—Both to be made of Sealskin or strong Leather, to have strg Locks, be well secured with Straps, brass Plates, & Nails & GW markd in the middle—to have Oil Cloth Covers.

Go: Washington


1See GW to Cary, this date, n.1. Cary shipped the goods ordered here with an invoice dated 29 Oct. 1767.

2A slay is used in weaving to beat up the weft.

3A drum line is used for catching drum fish.

4Bedticks were cloth bags, or cases, which were stuffed with feathers or straw to form mattresses.

5Flour of sulphur was taken internally to get rid of worms or was rubbed on the skin to relieve itching.

6Tumeric was used in treating jaundice.

7GW seems not to have received William Markham’s A General Introduction to Trade and Business. Or, The Young Merchants and Tradesman’s Magazine, first published in London in 1738. For GW’s earlier order of Museum Rusticum, see his invoice to Cary of 23 June 1766, n.3, printed as an enclosure to his letter to Cary of that date.

10“Laylock” is an obsolete form of “lilac.”

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