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We take the liberty to enclose to you a copy of a catalogue of our books and to assure you, that we will take pleasure in executing, with promptitude, any order with which you may honour us We have the honour to be Respectfully Yr. Obt. Servts MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Thos. Freeman will do himself the honor of dining with the President of the United States on Tuesday next agreeably to invitation. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
In obedience to an act of the General Assembly of the Mississippi Territory, I transmit herewith, a Digest of the Statutes thereof. I have the honor to be with respectful consideration Yr. mo. Ob. Servt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I have the honor as Speaker of the House of Representatives for the Territory of Orleans to inclose two resolutions on subjects of serious moment to our interest and trust they will claim your early attention. I have the honor to be Sir With high consideration & Respect Your Most obedt. Servant DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
You have done much better than I expected in the Course of your administration—You have my thanks for your Conduct and the thanks of thousands—“The Sun Seems largest at its Setting.” Yours &c DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Thomas Jefferson Esqr Dr 1805 To Thomas Davis July 5th To 1 Plaster Mashine { $34.86 249th @ 14 ent. MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Mr Jefferson Dr  1806  to Thomas Carpenter
  Mr. Jefferson subscribed for  1 copy of Discourses on Chemistry $ 3: $ 3:
I received your favor of the 2d. no wine having yet arived I hardly beleive any will, but should any arive, you can have what you please of it, tho if you should want, I can procure at any time for you, what you shall order, of as good wine & same kind, shpped by the house in Madeira, that in London & those in Madeira, I have heard have disagreed. I am glad to hear of other wines being...
I act in conformity to my Sense of Duty in presenting to you the enclosed Paper, which was received yesterday as the Subscribers thereto are Inhabitants of the District which I have the honor to represent, although not of the Town, or of a place connected with the Town, in which the is alluded to is held— I am, very respectfully yr. mo. Obt. DNA : RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and...
At the particular request of Captain Hull—I have the honor to send you a young ram, of the Turkish broad-tailed breed. Which it is sincerely hoped will prove acceptable. I have the honor to be most respectfully Sir Yr Obedt Serv MHi : Coolidge Collection.
Agreeably to the instruction of the President A Thomas had the honor to Submit the enclosed *Statement to the Secretary of State, who approved of the information it contains being communicated to Mr. Pichon. [ In TJ’s hand :] *of French prizes carried into Mass. New Hamp. Connecticut & Rhode island. RC ( DLC ); with TJ’s note written in margin; address on verso partially torn away:...
after my kind respects to you Suffer me to trouble you once more with giting this peice of the old soldeir inserted in the Republican papers and to send on this Letter to Mr. Duane as I wish to promot your honour and the intrest of my Country Sir I remean your real freind MHi : Coolidge Collection.
T. Munroe presents his best respects to the President. The demands against the public buildings requiring a further sum of money T. M. has the honor of inclosing a blank Draft for the Presidents signature, in case it should be his pleasure to sign it—T. M will send to the President (if desired) An Acct of the Disbursement of the $8,000 Drawn 1t. Feby. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
T Munroe’s best respects to the President. The Demands against the public buildings, including 3000$ to G Blagdin & the rolls of the other workmen & Labourers, amt to nearly 8,000$. TM therefore respectfully asks the Presidents signature to the enclosed requisition. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Mr Law presents his respects to Mr. Jefferson, with the production of his leisure hours last Summer, and which the subsaquent agitations of Agues & Fevers have prevented him from finishing more worthy Mr Jeffersons perusal— DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Enclosed I send some of the Alpines or monthly strawberry seed. It wile be proper to sow them next month & replant the young plants in may. Very respectfully I am sir your obet. st. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
By my freind Mr Myers, at the request of Mr. Campo, a spanish Gentn I send you two boxes of best Segars, which be pleased to accept off. they are such as cannot be purchased & if you do not smoke our freinds Mr Burr & Mr. Galatin &c. who doeth will enjoy them when you meet—I am most respectfully Yr. obt. Servt RC ( DLC ); endorsed by TJ as received 23 Feb. and so recorded in SJL . Enclosed in...
Herewith is forwarded a summary of the Journals of the Commissioners while exploreing the Country for the western Road. I attended at the Presidents House on this day week with our Surveyor, but the President being engaged the Map was left with the Door keeper— Very respectfully DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
T. Munroe, with his best respects to the President, Encloses Statements of the interest & last Instalmt of the Loans from the State of maryland to the City, which TM recd from the Treasurer of that state a few days since— DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Since I last took the liberty to address you I received a certificate from Dr. Rush. The certificate I have sent to Mr. Smith; and here send for your consideration a true copy of it. With the highest respect I have the honor to be yr. ob. Servt. MHi : Coolidge Collection.
The President Bot. of Thos. Main 2000 Prime Transplanted plants of the American Hedge Thorn @ 650 Cents p M. $13.00 4
I have the honor, with the most profound respect, to inclose a Memorial signed by a very considerable number of Respectable Merchants of this City recommending Mr Richard Worsam Meade, now at Cadiz, to the appointment of Consul at Cadiz. Should it be your pleasure to accord with this solicitation, the favor will be acknowledged by him who subscribes himself with the highest Respect Sir Your...
We Destroat Seamen of Philadelphia Petitioners to you Honour Thomas Jeffarison President of the united States We Humble Bag your Honur to Sum weekly allowance Sir at as Hard times pon us Seamen your Honur Nos 50 or 60 Coasting vissels will not Carry 4 or 5000 Seamen Out of this Port Sir we Humble bag your Honur to Grant us destras Seamen Sum relaf for God nos what we will do your Petitioners...
Agreeable to your desire, I have the honour of forwarding to you one of the best copies of the New Testament published in London last year, and the four Succeeding numbers of the Unitarian pieces and tracts published in this city. The price of the New Testament is $5.50 and of the four numbers    .50
Thomas Paine’s compliments to Mr. Jefferson desires to be enformed if he received a letter from him beginning as follows—“I write you this letter entirely on my own account, and I begin it without ceremony.”—The letter then speakes of a Motion made in the Virginia legislature for making an acknowlegement to Thomas Paine for his services during the revolution— DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
T Munroe tenders his most respectful salutations to the President, and hopes he has returned to the City in good health. The workmen, and some other persons who have claims against the public buildings, being very desirous of getting their money, TM has promised to try to pay them on monday morning; He therefore hopes to be excused for troubling the President, so soon after his return, for his...
The American Convention for the Abolition of Slavery & improving the condition of the Africans, lately assembled in this City, have directed me, as one of their members, to present you Clarkson’s History of Slavery— I perform this task with much pleasure, as it affords me an opportunity of assuring you that I am with great respect, Your friend DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Mr Dougherty’s bowels are very much disordered. I have alowed him to take magnesia as a laxative & absorbent I hope when the irritable condition of the bowels is done away the fever will subside & perhaps the cough with it—tho I have some fear respecting the state of his lungs as I understand he had a brother who died from an affiction of the pulmonary kind—his situation will be better known...
T Munroe’s best respects & sends for the Presidents signature a blank requisition, together with a rough Sketch of outstanding claims against the public buildings—Some of those to whom the $2374 is due are, doubtless much more needy than the others, but It will probably not be an easy matter to avoid murmuring if a discrimination be made— RC ( DLC ). Requisition not found.
I have the Honor of transmiting you the enclosed Resolutions Agreeable to the instructions of the House of Representatives of this Territory I have the Honor to be sir your Very Humble Servt. MoSHi : Bixby Collection.
The good Opinion I have of you and your administration while our Chief Magistrate induces me to trouble you with these lines as I wish my Country well and you my friend can you devise no means to git rid of so obnoxious a Character as Wilkinson has he not been conserned for a great many years with this notorious traytor Burr Only Sir look at it and then judge has he not ever since the happy...
T. Munroe presents his best respects to the President. The demands against the public buildings requiring a further sum of money T.M. has the honor of inclosing a blank Draft for the Presidents signature, in case it should be his pleasure to sign it—T.M will send to the President (if desired) an acct of the Disbursement of the $8,000 Drawn 1t. Feby. RC ( DLC ); addressed: “President”; endorsed...
T. Munroe’s most respectful Compliments, and asks whether it is the pleasure of the President to renew the enclosed proclamation or whether he will direct any alterations in the provisions or duration of future proclamations as to wooden houses.— DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
T. Munroe tenders his best respects to the President, He has received an Estimate of the probable Amt of monies which may be wanted during the present month—Mr. L mentions $3000 for the So wing, but TM has upwards of that sum remaining in his hands of the Amt heretofore drawn in part of that fund [ Note in TJ’s hand :] Apr. 4. signed warrants. North wing 1000.D
this for to be Laide before the president and Congress you Down or me down that the Kingdom wich Cannot be Shaken may Remaine and no Ceaches for Corruption no not won for the Lord God allmighty will have Servants that are in Subgection unto him there From RC ( DLC ); franked; postmarked Baltimore; endorsed by TJ as received 27 May and so recorded in SJL .
The confidence you repose in me and your attentions to my interest claim my warmest gratitude. I will endeavour to deserve them. Of the three offices offer’d me, I presume there cannot be much difficulty in making a choice. the superior advantages of that at Fort St Stephens being such, as to entitle it to a decided preference I must therefore beg the favor of you to consider it as my choice,...
Mr. Thomas presents his respects to President Jefferson—Genl. Meriwether thinks he returned the letters of Mr. Briggs, but that the account is now among the papers of the committee, this Mr. T. will endeavor to find, he will however thank the President to furnish him with copies of the letters or the originals— MHi : Coolidge Collection.
I am happy to inform you that Mr: Mazzei is absolutely recover’d from the violent fever under which he suffer’d when I last wrote you.—When I saw him his physicians had given up all hope of his recovery, but to the general astonishment of every one, in three days he was in a State of convalescence. Every medical aid was afforded him, but my own opinion is, that he is indebted for his recovery...
The Address of the Upholsterer you mention is John Rea So. 4th St. Philada—He has lately sent some of his work to the Secretary of the Navy—I have not seen it, but am told it is very elegant—By forwarding a drawing of the particular dimensions from the outer sides of Archetraves, he furnishes all as complete as if he was on the spot. I have the honor to be Sir Your Humble Servant MHi :...
Bot. of Thos. Main Cents Thorn. plants. Trees and Shrubs, as per accot. } 35,25
Bot. of Thos. Main 10 Thousand transplanted plants of the American Hedge thorn @ 6 Dolls. per thousd. 60, — Received the above in full. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
As the circumstances which I supposed would take place on the continent of Europe are already arrived I shall be glad of an answer to my letter of the last days of January. I repeat my wish that you would not delay an answer as the want of it holds me in useless inactivity. Yours in friendship DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I have obtoained permission to have a time in the hall of the Philosophical Society where I can study in solitude; Dr Wistar & Mr Peale have as yet made nothing of the Fleecy goat owing to the imperfection of the sample. all the lectures will end this Month & I wish very much to go to washington the 1rst of March to see you as I will not have it in my power to see any of the family before...
I congratulate you on the birth-day of the New Sun , now called christmas day; and I make you a present of a thought on Louisana— RC ( DLC ); undated, date supplied from contents and endorsement; addressed: “Mr. Jefferson”; endorsed by TJ as received 25 Dec. and so recorded in SJL . Preceding three words interlined.
T Munroe respectfully enquires of the President whether the sheet iron charged in the enclosed bills, or either of them, was ordered by him for his private use—. The bills have been presented to me for payment, but there has been no such parcel of iron ordered for public use I am informed DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I have the honor of transmiting you the enclosed Resolutions and nominations agreeably to the request of the House of Representatives of this Territory. I have the honor to be sir your most obt. DNA : RG 59—TP—Territorial Papers.
The inclosed Petition was sent to me with directions to lay it before you—I know the Statement made by the Petitioners to be true—But dont know whether their case is within executive power or not. To you sir their Petition is submited by Your obt. sert. RC ( DLC ); endorsed by TJ as received 1 Mch. and so recorded in SJL . Enclosure not found.
I hope it will not be deemed indelicate in me to express a wish to receive the appointment of Consul to any port of Europe, should the Executive upon inquiry into my capacity to discharge the duties of such an office, think proper to accept the tender of my services. I am induced to make this application in consequence of a recent misfortune, (the loss of my Wife!!!)—Being the Representative...
Thomas Jefferson, Esq. Dr. 1805 June