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Valley Forge, June 9, 1778 . States that last October he delivered missing chest containing army papers to Easton, Pennsylvania. ALS , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. Weiss was a captain in the Maréchaussée corps.
Albany [ New York ] October 10, 1780 . Is still confined to his room with gout. Reports that British forces “were collected at St Johns to make separate attacks on the Grants, Saratoga and the Mohawk river.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
[ Morristown, New Jersey, March, 1780. ] Sends “Copies of the several Papers you mentioned.” ALS , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. Skinner was the assistant commissary of prisoners.
Morristown [ New Jersey ] April 6, 1780 . Reports supply of beef in Morris County and supply of pork in Burlington County. ALS , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. Dunham was assistant commissary of purchases, New Jersey.
[ February 17, 1779. On March 11, 1779, Hamilton wrote to La Neuville : “I have received the honor of your letter of the 17th of february.” Letter not found. ] Louis-Pierre Penot Lombard, Chevalier de la Neuville, was a major in the French army who became inspector general of the Northern Department in May, 1778. On October 14, 1778, he was granted a brevet commission of brigadier to be dated...
[ Fishkill, New York, November 11, 1777 . On November 12, Hamilton wrote to Washington : “By a letter … of yesterday, General Poor informs me… “ Letter not found .]
[ August 5, 1782. The last item on the “List of Papers delivered by Alexander Hamilton to Thomas Tillotson Esquire relative to the office of Receiver of Taxes for the state of New York,” November 10, 1782 , was described as a “letter from Mr. Banker state Treasurer dated August 5th. 1782 informing of what was to be expected from the state.” Letter not found. ]
Artillery Park [ Valley Forge ] June 12, 1778 . Requests discharge of “Mr. Le Brune a second Lieutenant.” ALS , RG 93, Miscellaneous Records, National Archives.
[ Easton, Pennsylvania, May 19, 1779. On May 20, 1779, Hamilton wrote to Sullivan , “I have received your favour of yesterday.” Letter not found. ]
Newburgh [ New York ] February 2, 1781 . Requests permission to issue rations to the families of Moses Dean and Hezekiah Gibson, both of whom belong to Colonel Jeduthan Baldwin’s Artificer Regiment. LC , RG 93, Letters of Col. T. Pickering, National Archives.
[ July 25, 1777. On July 29, 1777, Hamilton wrote to Livingston: “I have the pleasure of your favour of the 25th.” Letter not found. ]
Boston, March 27, 1778 . Encloses letter from Hugh Knox and requests Hamilton to write to Knox. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Hugh Knox to H, December 10, 1777 .
Philadelphia, August 21, 1780. Asks if there is any information concerning his brothers, who are British prisoners. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. This letter is in French.
[ Philadelphia ] July 30, 1780 . Has executed Hamilton’s commission by arranging for a tailor to make a hat for him. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
Newburgh, New York, February 19, 1781. Requests Hamilton to inform Washington that “the provisions necessary for the detachment will move this Evening.” ALS , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. Blaine was commissary general of purchases.
[ February 24, 1780. On March 30, 1780, Hamilton wrote to Laurens : “I have received lately two letters from you, the last dated the 24th of February.” Letter of February 24 not found. ]
[ Light Camp, New Jersey, October 30, 1780. Letter listed in dealer’s catalogue. Letter not found. ] ALS , sold by C. F. Libbie and Company, Boston, December 12, 1895, Item 312.
[ Kingston, New York, June 25, 1777. On June 28, 1777, Hamilton wrote to Robert R. Livingston: “Yours of the 25th came to hand last night.” Letter not found. ]
[ Newburgh, New York, June 7, 1783. Letter not found. ] “List of Letters from G—— Washington to General Hamilton,” Columbia University Libraries.
Kingston [ New York ] May 24, 1777. Has no news of the destruction of stores at St. Johns. Speculates on future course of the war and discusses need for maintaining health of troops. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. This letter was written by Morris in his capacity as a member of the New York Committee of Correspondence.
[ Boston, December 10–25 , 1781. In a letter written in April, May, or June, 1782, Hamilton wrote De Noailles of his pleasure “at receiving, after an inexplicable delay, the letter you were so obliging as to write me before your departure from Boston.” Letter not found. ] Louis Marie, Vicomte de Noailles, arrived in Boston on December 10, 1781, and sailed with Lafayette and other French...
Fishkill [ New York ] February 16, 1781 . Has obtained horses requested by Hamilton for the journey to Rhode Island. Asks whether they should be delivered to the west bank of the Hudson River or kept at Fishkill. LC , New-York Historical Society, New York City. See H to Timothy Pickering, February 9, 1781 (printed in this volume).
Bound Brook [ New Jersey ] May 6, 1779 . Sends directives and notes concerning regulation and administration of Army. Asks Hamilton to translate some of this material and transmit all of it to Washington. ALS , RG 93, Miscellaneous Records, National Archives. This letter is written in French.
[ December, 1781. In March, 1782, Hamilton wrote to Meade : “An Half hour since brought me the pleasure of your letter of December last.” Letter not found. ]
[ Morristown, New Jersey, March 14, 1780 . On March 17, 1780, Hamilton wrote to Washington , “I duly received your letter of the 14th.” Letter not found. ]
Valley Forge, January 22, 1778 . Requests written discharge for Captain Barent J. Ten Eyck, Second New York Regiment. LS , RG 93, Miscellaneous Records, National Archives. Fish, a major in the Second New York Regiment, subsequently became a close friend of H and a prominent New York Federalist. At the end of this letter, H wrote: “One of the Gentlemen below is requested to transact the...
Morristown [ New Jersey ] December 23, 1779 . States that there appears to be an ample supply of cattle in Connecticut for the Army’s use. LC , Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.
Albany, September 8, 1779. Asks for “any intelligence which you can consistently communicate respecting the Intentions of Sir Henry Clinton.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
[ Fishkill, New York, July 18, 1780. On July 23, 1780, H wrote to von Steuben : “I have received My Dear Baron your two letters of the 16th. and 18th.” Letter of July 18 not found .]
October 29, 1779. Reports “two naval actions the one in the english channel between the grand fleets the second in the West indies.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. See Lee to H, October 15 , 22, 1779 , and Washington’s correspondence with H and Brigadier General Du Portail for background to this letter.