Adams Papers

List of Captains of American Ships, 1797


Guadaloupe Station S. Domingo Station
President Truxtun }   Congress Sever
Philadelphia. Decatur Adams: Robinson
New York Morris Augusta Mc.Elroy
John Adams. Cross Richmond. Law
Merrimack. Brown Samuel. Jones
Boston. Little Havanna
Patapsco— Geddes Delaware. Spottswood
Trumbull Lewett A roving cruise thro’
the Windward Islands
schrs { Enterprise. Shaw
Experiment Stewart Chesapeake Barron
Brig Pickering— Hillar E. Indies
off the Coast Essex Prebble
Insurgent. Fletcher France
Algiers Portsmouth. McNiell
Go. Washington. Bainbridge
Vessels in Port refitting
<[. . .]>+ United States. Barry— nearly ready for Sea
<[. . .]>+ Constellation. Murray— Just arrived in Port
<[. . .]>+ Ganges. Mullowny. {Phila— nearly ready for Sea}
<[. . .]>+ Eagle Campbell
<[. . .]>- Constitution Talbot— ready for Sea
Warren Barron— nearly ready for Sea Boston
Herald Russell— Just arrived
General Greene Perry Newport } These three Vessels will
not be ready for Sea
sooner than 5 or 6 Weeks.
Connecticut Tryon? New London
Maryland Rogers Baltimore
Baltimore. Cowper— Norfolk } Ordered to be sold
unfit for service
Norfolk. Calvert— Baltimore

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