George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Horatio Gates, 23 January 1783

Ellisons 23d January 1783


Agreeable to Your Excellency’s Orders, we the undersigned met at Ellisons, and took into consideration that part of The Memorial presented to Your Excellency by Brigadr General Hazen, & a number of officers of his Regiment, wherein they set forth, that by the partiallity of the Judge advocate, Mr Edwards in Conducting the Proceedings of a General Court Martial lately Assembled for the Trial of Major Reid of Brigr Gen. Hazens Regiment upon Sundry Charges exhibited against him by the Memorialists, They have been deprived of the Redress They conceived They had a right to expect.

We are of Opinion that the Conduct of The Judge Advocate upon that Occasion, should be Investigated in the First Place; as if, it appears by such Investigation, that through His Neglect, [on partiallity], the Court were not possessed of every Knowledge, & Light, which could be thrown on the Case before them; a Revision of the Proceedings by the same Court; On a New Trial of Major Reed by another Court, must be the natural Consequence; Should the uprightness of The Judge advocate fully appear upon such an Investigation being Had, we think, no appeal can be allow’d; and that the only Redress the parties who Suppose themselves Injured can obtain, will be, an Inquiry into their Conduct before a Court, convened for that purpose, at which Majr Reed might be ordered to attend, to [Purport His]Allegations. with Great Respect we are Sir your Excellency’s most obedient Humble Servants

Horatio Gates Major General

Robert Howe Majr Gen

Edward Hand B. Genl

Rufus Putnam B. Genl

H. Knox M.G.

J. Huntington B.G.

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