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Head Quarters [ New Windsor, New York ] February 9, 1781 . Requests temporary replacement for his stolen bridle and repairs on his saddle. Also requests a bridle for George Washington’s servant’s horse. LC , New-York Historical Society, New York City.
[ Lewes, Delaware, October 18, 1779. On October 23, 1779, Mitchell wrote to Hamilton : “Your favor of the 18th Instant from Lewis Town, came duly to hand.” Letter not found. ] John Mitchell, deputy quartermaster general at Philadelphia, served as a middleman between Washington, on the one hand, and H and Brigadier General Du Portail, on the other, when H and Du Portail were on their abortive...
[ New York, August 2, 1783. On August 14, 1783 , Chaloner wrote to Hamilton: “Your favr of the 2nd. reached me the 12th Instant.” Letter not found. ]
[ West Point, July 30, 1779. On September 18, 1779, Jay wrote to Hamilton : “Your favors of the 25, 26, & 30 July & 12 Inst have thus long remained unanswered.” Letter of July 30 not found .]
[ West Point ] September 7 [ 1779 ]. Hopes to have breakfast with Irvine the next day. ALS , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
The General desires you will do every thing in your power without delay to collect all the teams and waggons about the Country in this neighbourhood—to remove the wounded cannon and stores. There is no time to be lost in doing it. I am   Yr. Obed ser ALS , New-York Historical Society, New York City. These instructions were given as a result of the capture of Stony Point on July 16, 1779, by...
[ Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, October 19, 1779. On October 23, 1779, Mitchell wrote to Hamilton : “Yours of the 19th. from Egg Harbour came to hand at half past two.” Letter not found. ]
[ On the New Jersey coast, October 22, 1779 . On October 23, 1779, Mitchell wrote to Hamilton : “yours of the 22d Inst … came to hand at three oClock this afternoon.” Letter not found. ]
You see the difficulty there is in getting the Majors to serve as Brigade Inspectors. The Board of war have asked the General’s opinion about extending the appointment to the line of Captains. He requests your opinion. Very Respectfully   Yr. Obed serv ALS , New-York Historical Society, New York City.
[ Middlebrook, New Jersey ] March 4, 1779 . Requests White to explain to Washington circumstances under which a horse, belonging to one Robert Brown, was impressed. ADfS , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. White was a lieutenant colonel of the Fourth Continental Dragoons.
[ Albany, August 20, 1783. On August 20, 1783 , Hamilton wrote to Philip Van Rensselaer: “I send you a line to the Governor.” Letter not found. ]
[ New Windsor, New York, January 21, 1781. On February 5, 1781, Schuyler wrote to Hamilton : “Your favors of the 21st & 30th ult: I had the pleasure to receive a few days ago.” Letter of January 21 not found. ]
[ De Peyster’s Point, New York, May 20, 1781. On verso of Stewart and Totten to Hamilton, May 5, 1781 , Hamilton wrote: “Answered the 20th. informing that 60 had been past at 3 for one and that I would do the best I could with the rest.” Letter not found. ]
[ Middlebrook, New Jersey, May 30, 1777. By Washington’s orders Hamilton wrote to Grice, assistant deputy quartermaster general, ordering the removal of all boats in the Delaware from Trenton up to Coryells. Letter not found. ] GW John C. Fitzpatrick, ed., The Writings of George Washington (Washington, 1931–1944). , VII VIII , 144, note 29. Coryell’s Ferry, located on the New Jersey side of...
[ Dobbs Ferry, New York ] July 15, 1781 . Asks Hughes to send “the enclosed” to Albany. LC , New-York Historical Society, New York City. See H to Elizabeth Hamilton, July 13, 1781 ( PAH Harold C. Syrett, ed., The Papers of Alexander Hamilton (New York and London, 1961– ). , II, 652–53).
The General considers the applicat⟨ion⟩ as unusual and does not think proper to authorise a compliance with it. Yrs. ALS , Library of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. Burnett Burnet was an aide to Major General Nathanael Greene. There is no record of the request by Burnett Burnet that is mentioned in this letter.
This part of the troops marches instantly. We are to join in the Monmouth road one mile this side of Taylor’s Tavern. You will govern yourself accordingly. If you can find Morgan let him be desired again to keep close to the enemy and attack when we attack. I am sir   Yr Obed serv. You will endeavour to keep up a communication of intelligence. ALS , New York Public Library.
The Boats are not under present circumstances to go to the Notch till tomorrow as you will see by the letter herewith. ALS , RG 93, Miscellaneous Records, National Archives. These boats were being assembled for the projected attack described in Pickering to H, November 6, 1780, note 1 .
Albany, August 30, 1783. Asks Canfield to sell a farm which belongs to John Carter and is located in Salisbury, Connecticut. ALS , Courtesy of the Sons of the Revolution, Headquarters, Fraunces Tavern, New York City. Canfield, a lawyer in Sharon, Connecticut, was a member of the state legislature. John B. Church.
The General desires you will have the boats removed from Doddes to Pompton as speedily as you can & from thence as soon as possible to Kings ferry—The Officer of the Jersey light infantry will take your orders. He will remain in the neighbourhood of Pompton till the Jersey Brigade arrives. DNA : RG 93—Manuscript File.
His Excellency requests you will direct a couple sets of tools provided and sent to General McDougall to blow up rocks which greatly impede his carting &c. I am Sir   Yr. Most Obedt ALS , Library of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.
[ Dobbs Ferry, New York ] July 21, 1781 . Requests “particular Care in forwarding the Enclosed.” LC , New-York Historical Society, New York City.
[ Headquarters, West Point, July 24, 1779. Letter not found. ] Sold by Thoms Thomas Birch’s Sons, December, 1892, Lot 106.
The Genl sends you four fresh horsemen to enable you to transmit him intelligence. The General will take the road you marched to your quarters. Mind your eye my boy, and if you have an opportunity, fight damned hard! Yr. friend & serv ALS , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Both J. C. Hamilton ( JCHW John C. Hamilton, ed., The Works of Alexander Hamilton (New York, 1851). , I,...
[ New Windsor, New York ] April 12, 1781 . States that “the General has ordered the block house in the Clove to be continued.” ALS , RG 93, Miscellaneous Records, National Archives.
[ New York, August 30, 1783. On the envelope of a letter which Soderstrom wrote to Hamilton on August 4, 1793 , Hamilton wrote: “Answered 30th by the post.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, April 15, 1783. On April 16 Morris wrote to Hamilton : “I have been duly honored with the Receipt of your favor of the fifteenth Instant.” Letter not found. ]
[ Preakness, New Jersey, October 17, 1780. On November 12, 1780, Schuyler wrote to Hamilton , “Both your favors of the 17th & 22nd. ult I had the pleasure to receive.” Letter of October 17 not found. ]
With Some difficulty, the General has in part consented to your wishes. Col. Hazen is going to Philadelphia on business—the small number of Colonels now with the army makes him unwilling to let you be absent till he returns. When he returns if you can obtain General Heaths permission it will be agreeable to The General. You may make use of this letter to him. I am with great regard Yr friend &...
It is his Excellency’s desire, that you have all the public boats below the falls, removed as expeditiously as possible to Coryells ferry, or higher, as you may think necessary for their safety. Their present situation exposes them to being destroyed or taken without much difficulty, and we should feel the loss of them. I am Sir   Your most Obd Serv ALS , George Washington Papers, Library of...
The Subscriber has received nothing for the month of August, on account of the quota of this state for the present year. Published agreeable to the instructions of the Superintendant of Finance. The New-York Packet. And the American Advertiser , September 5, 1782. H wrote the same letter to the Packet on August 1, 1782 .
[ Great Egg Harbor Landing, New Jersey, November 1, 1779. On November 8, Brigadier General Du Portail and Hamilton wrote to Washington : “We hope before this you will have received our two letters of the 26th of October and 1st instant.” Letter of November 1 not found .]
It is his Excellency’s desire, that you have an immediate inspection made into the state of the mens arms and accoutrements, belonging to your division; and take effectual measures to have them put into the best order possible. Also to have your men completed to their proper complement of ammunition, strictly injoining the greatest care to avoid all wanton and unnecessary waste. I am Sir  ...
The Commander in chief positively requires all officers, absent from camp, belonging to the Troops of the State of Virginia, except those who are detained on Public service, by his Excellency the Govr of that State, or any Genl officer of the same, or those who may have furloughs not yet expired—immediately to join their respective Corps. By his Excellys Command The several Printers of the...
I am in Philadelphia on some business of great importance to the army; to execute which I stand in need of a party of about 100 men which are not readily to be procured here. If Your Excy. will be pleased to order over such a party under good active officers, you will equally serve the public & oblige.   Yr. Excy’s   Most Obed servt. ALS , Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston.
[ West Point, September 12, 1779. On September 18, 1779, Jay wrote to Hamilton : “Your favors of the 25, 26, & 30 July & 12 Inst have thus long remained unanswered.” Letter of September 12 not found .]
His Excellency has examined your Provision report; and finds every part of it very well, except that relating to the placing a quantity at Trenton. This is the most improper place in the world; for if the enemy should move towards Philadelphia the provisions at trentown in the hurry occasioned by such an event would inevitably fall into their hands. You will therefore without loss of time have...
I have taken the General’s orders on the subject of your letter of the 24th. As Colo. Hay’s oxen appear to have been converted to the public use, justice requires they should be replaced to him—as it is not known certainly in what manner they were used and as it is not material to the public from what departments the compensation comes. The General directs that the quarter master general will...
[ Philadelphia, February 1, 1782. The description of this letter reads: “Alexander Hamilton, to Col. Wadsworth, begging the loan of one hundred pounds.” Letter not found. ] “Original Correspondence of Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth of Hartford, Connecticut, Commissary General of the Continental Army.” Items offered for sale by William Todd (Jeremiah Wadsworth Papers, MS Division, New York Public...
It is with the utmost chagrin I am obliged to inform you, that I am not able to return you all your pamph[l]ets; and what is still worse the most valuable of them is missing. I beg you will not impute it to carelessness; for I assure you upon my honor the true state of the case is this—I put your pamphlets in the case with my other books; and some person about the College got into my room...
Headquarters [ Middle Brook, New Jersey ] December 20 [ 1778 ]. Requests minutes of trials of Charles Lee and Arthur St. Clair so that they can be published in general orders. ALS , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Lee was “suspended from any command in the Armies of the United States of North America for the term of twelve months.” St. Clair was acquitted ( GW John C....
[ Valley Forge ] April 19, 1778 . States that a horse not fit for service should be returned to a Mr. Sellers, its owner. Signed “A Hamilton ADC.” The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography , XVI (1892), 196.
Capt Christie dispatched by His Excellency The Commander in Chief on very important business is hereby authorised to impress horses by the way. ALS , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Christie (also spelled Chrystie) was a captain of the Third Pennsylvania Regiment. On June 4, Washington gave the following instructions to Christie: “To proceed immediately to West-Point. To...
The General desires you on receipt of this to send a party of fifty men to proceed ten miles down the River road beyond to the ferry to give security to the guards who are conducting the prisoners to Head Quarters on an upper route. I am Yr most Obedt servant NN .
By His Excellencys Command, I am to desire you will give orders upon the deputy Clothier General at Peeks-Kill, for the necessary supply of Cloathing &c. for the four companies raising under your direction. It is not however intended, that more shall be drawn than a sufficiency for the number of men actually inlisted. I am Sir   Your most Obedt servant ADfS , George Washington Papers, Library...
General Howe has just made a proposition, towards a general exchange of prisoners, or rather has acceded to our former propositions on that subject. His Excellency commands me to inform you of this and to desire your immediate attendance at Camp, which is indispensably necessary. I am with great regard   Dr Sir   Your most Obdt serv ADfS , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress....
Mr. Hamilton presents his Complements to General Irvin, wishes to converse with him on a particular subject, for which purpose he will call at his lodgings tomorrow Morning at Nine oClock December 1 AL , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
[ February 14, 1777. In a letter to Hamilton dated April 31, 1777 April–May, 1777, Knox wrote: “I could not omit acknowledging the receipt of you⟨r⟩ Very Circumstantial and Satisfactory Letter of the 14th. Feby.” Letter not found. ] MS is misdated April 31, 1777.
[ Bergen County, New Jersey ] September 11, 1780 . “His Excellency desires you will furnish from your Brigade a subaltern for the Company of light infantry in Col Cortland’s regiment.” ALS , MS Division, New York Public Library. Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt, Second New York Regiment.
[ Philadelphia, April 23, 1783. On May 4, 1783, Schuyler wrote to Hamilton : “Your several favors of the 18th & 25th March and 2d. ult: were delivered me … that of the 23d April I had the pleasure to receive yesterday.” Letter of April 23 not found. ]