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126th. Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
Stay’d at home all day. Mr. Artaud dined at Mr. Rimbert’s. In the afternoon Mr. D. went and took a ride.
216th. Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
Stay’d at home all day. Mr. D. went to the court Comedy to see a Russian play. Stormy windy weather.
330th. Sunday. (Adams Papers)
In the forenoon Mr. D went to Mr. Wolff’s. In the afternoon I went and took a ride with him. Fine weather. In the margin: “Mrs. B. brought to bed.”
46th. Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
Stay’d at home all day. Mr. D rode out in the afternoon. Pretty good weather.
520th. Saturday. (Adams Papers)
This forenoon Mr. Wolff came to see Mr. D. Mr. D. went and took a ride in the afternoon. I went with Mr. Artaud to the shops. Mr. Artaud went into the country. Clear weather, but windy.
610th. Saturday. (Adams Papers)
Finish’d Cicero’s oration pro Marcello. In the afternoon I went to the shops with Mr. Artaud. Mr. D rode out. Fine weather.
I now Sit down with an intent to give you an account of the Place I dind at yesterday doctor Franklin his son a young Gentleman & I went to Place Calld montmartre at the Castle of the Count Brancard & dind there with him and some other Gentleman & Ladies, from which Place there is a most Beautiful Prospect of the City. On this hill the famous king henry the 4th incamped his army when he laid...
I am always happy to find an opportunity of conversing with you, as we cannot verbally do this it is our duty to do it by writing. I now have a good opportunity to write a few lines to you by Captn. Lovett in a Ship belonging to Mr. Cobet of Beverly, but I can write but a few lines to you for I must write to all my Freinds. We have had the worst 3 Weeks that ever I pass’d in my life. Bad...
9[January 1782] (Adams Papers)
Began to read Hume’s history of England. David Hume, The History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688, 8 vols., London, 1763, which JQA borrowed from the English or British Library of St. Petersburg, where he found “a good collection of English Authors” (Dana to JA , 25 Jan. , Adams Papers ). JQA ’s notes (copied quotations) from his reading of Hume appear...
This morning Pappa went out and came back again at about eleven o clock. At about two o clock Commodore Gillon came to our lodgings and went out to dinner with Pappa but my brother Charles and myself dined at our lodgings. At about four o clock Pappa came back without Commodore Gillon. Pappa drank tea at our lodgings. After tea Brother Charles and myself went to take a walk and got back at...
As you may possibly not come here before the 18th I write to know, if I must leave these lodgings at that time, as the month will then be up, and if I stay any longer I must begin another month. I have finish’d Phaedrus’s fables and the lives of Miltiades, Themistocles, Aristides, Pausanias, Cimon, and Lysander; and Am going next upon Alcibiades in Cornelius Nepos, I shall begin upon...
Half Holiday. At about ten o clock Mr. Le Roi came here and invited us to go and dine with him. We told him we would. At about half after twelve I went to Pappa’s lodgings but found he was gone out, and then I went to Mr. Le Roi’s, he was gone out and got home soon after. We dined at his house. After dinner we went with him to take a long walk out of the city and we drank tea there, after tea...
This morning Commodore Gillon came here at about nine o clock and We all went to a gentleman’s house who lives in the Country. We walk’d out of the City and then we found a coach with four horses waiting for us which Commodore Gillon had hired for us. At about a quarter after eleven o clock we arrived there. We went to walk with that Gentleman Whose name is Hooft and who is a Burger master of...
I reciev’d this morning your letter of the 14th. in which you speak of Poetry, and although I have not read much of it, yet I always admired it, very much. I take the Delft Dutch paper to learn to read the language. To day there is a report which I read in it that Admiral Kingsbergen had taken fourteen of the German Transports, but this is only a report. Inclosed is a letter which I reciev’d...
15January 1st. 1783. (Adams Papers)
We found here Mr. Schiebe a gentleman who left Stockholm about a week before us. Norrkiöping is distant from Stockholm eighteen swedish miles or 120. English. Its situation is exceeding fine, at present every thing is covered with Snow; but it is in the midst of a plain which is bordered all round at about 6. or 8 English Miles from the town by high mountains from which you at first discover...
16Tuesday 14th. (Adams Papers)
The French consul was here last night (he is to go to Coronna with us). He told us that he would send a man this morning to tell us if it was possible to go to Coronna this day. At 10 o clock a Messenger came to our lodgings after our things. The Muletiers came and carried our things down to the boat. At 4 o clock the Consul came and told us we should set out to Morrow morning at 5 o clock in...
17Friday 17th. (Adams Papers)
This morning I went to see the tour de fer (as the French call it and the spaniards Tour d’hercule). It is 100 foot in height and perhaps 2000 years old. There is an inscription which I have not seen for I could not go in which runs thus “Marti et Augusto sacrum. Dedicated to Mars and Augustus." Pappa supposes that it was built by Augustus Caesar just after he had routed Brutus, and Cassius,...
1826th. Saturday. (Adams Papers)
This day the Count Greco, Mr. Gummer and Mr. Peyron dined here. In the evening I went with Mr. Artaud to Mr. Rimbert’s; spent the evening and supped there.
1919th. Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
This forenoon Mr. D went to take a walk. After dinner he went with Mr. Artaud to the shops. Mr. Hoogwerst came to pay us a visit.
2018th. Monday. (Adams Papers)
This morning we set off from Varsala in a boat and went 5. miles as far as Kůmlinge. Fine weather.
2130th. Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
This morning I went and took leave of the Baron Albedyhll the Swedish chargé d’affaires here, and he gave me a couple of letters for Stockholm. At about noon I took leave of Mr. D. and of Mr. Artaud and set out upon the road for Wibourg Vyborg . We arrived at about 11. o’clock P.M. at the third station and as it was extraordinarily dark we stay’d there till 7 o’clock the next morning. For 30...
229th. Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
This forenoon I went with Mr. D. to the French minister’s hotel. Mr. Normandes the Spanish Chargé d’affaires came to pay a visit to Mr. D. In the afternoon I went to the Shops with Mr. Artaud, but found them all shut-up because of the Esther holidays. We went to see some of their diversions. We went also to Mr. Rimbert’s, to see how Mr. Montreal does. Mr. D. went to carry his letter to be sent.
2323d. Saturday. (Adams Papers)
This day Mr. Blondot dined with us. In the afternoon Mr. Hoogwerst came to pay us a visit. Stay’d at Home all day. Our German master gave us the second lesson. He comes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Fine weather.
2422d. Friday. (Adams Papers)
This evening at about 11.o’clock we arrived at Stockholm. We found all the taverns in the town shut up, and could not get one opened. From Åbo to Swed: miles Nussis Nummis 2. Tursanparo 1. Laertes 1 1/2 Botila 1 1/4 Helsings 1 3/4. à Varsala (par eau) by water 2. Bränden. Brandö
2513th. Saturday. (Adams Papers)
Mr. Artaud dined out. Mr. D. went to take a ride in the afternoon. Finished the 2d. Volume of Robertson’s history of Charles 5th. 479. pages, and begun the third. Cloudy weather, and Rain.
26Thursday 19th 1781. (Adams Papers)
This morning we set away from Hannau at 4 o’clock A.M. and arriv’d at Hunfeld (which is distant 75 Miles,) at about 8 o’clock P.M. The roads this day were for the most part mountainous but in some places there was a very good made road. The mountains in general, which we have pass’d over this day are pretty well cultivated.
273d. Friday. (Adams Papers)
In the forenoon Mr. D went and took a walk. After dinner Mr. Colombi came to see us. I went to the postoffice with Mr. Artaud. Windy weather. Finished the first volume of Watson’s history of Phillip the II. 443 p: and begun the 2d.
On Monday at about 1 o’clock P.M. we set away from Leipsig for Berlin, Where we arriv’d this day at about 11 o’clock A.M. The distance is 120 English Miles; The soil, all the way is thin and sandy, and some part of the way foresty. We rode all night on Monday. At about half past eleven at Night, being in the middle of a Forest and the road being at the bottom of a hill, The postilon run our...
29Sunday 9th. (Adams Papers)
Cloudy weather. We din’d at Palentia Palencia which is a city as Large as Corunna. At about 7 oclock P.M. we arrived at Torre quemada Torquemada which is 7 Leagues from Parades de naba.
30Thursday 13th. (Adams Papers)
Rose at about day break and set away ½ an hour before sun rise. Passed through several villages and dined at Pan Courbo. Before dinner we went along in a Plain between two ridges of mountains the soil of which is excellent and after dinner we went along another plain betwixt two ridges of rocks some of which were 150 200 and 300 foot in height some right strait up, some hanging over our heads,...