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The following packages on Board the Sloop Rebecca for Richmond Jn o Hall Master. One Barrel Muscovado Sugar N t 2 1 4 2—
The President of the UStates To John Barnes , 1809. Feb y 8 th for 12 lb dipt Candles @ 20 d 1 0
I regret exceedingly my Unfortunate situation—will not—at present, permit me the Honor, of paying my Personal respects—to the President of the U States. The inclosed Note of the late President I received on his leaving Town, with directions to Mr Davidson for the sum & date to have the Blanks filled up with—which Mr. Davidson—(have now) adjusted—and wait Only—the endorsemts. to be deposited in...
My last respects to you Sir was of the 1 st Sep r since when, I have not been Honore’d with any of your favors.— In the Course of this and the insuing Mo. it will become Necessary to provide for a Remittance to be made, the good Gen l Kosciusko :—Under present circumstances, I have to ask your aid, and shall be governed by your instructions— from a rough statem t of the Gen ls a/c, with me,...
your esteemed fav r 17 th Instant , conveyed to me, the pleasure of Contemplating the happy situation—in your present and expected—improvem ts in agriculture and Other Establishments—may they exceed your most sanguine hopes—and the products thereof, find a market equal to your wishes— However disagreable the task, required of me, to adjust the Average Loss, on Gen l K— mislaid Certificates for...
In pursuance of your two late favors the 17 th & 29 th Ult o I have been inabled to procure and herewith inclose Mess. Bowie & Kurtz sett of Ex: 1 st 2 d & 3 d dated 13 Ins
The time is fast Approaching when, it will become Necessary again, to remit the good Gen l Kosciuskos —, Annual Balance of Int. and dividends. I am Anxiously expecting to be favored—as Usual his Acknowled g recp t for the £200 sterling remitted him, last year; hope no, unforeseen Accident has, deprived him of so Acceptable a supply. the Gen l s Bank dividend $312. recd in Sep r with the like...
My last respects to you, 14 th Jan y in Answer, to your esteemed fav r 10 th still leaves me in doubt, respecting my last Years remittance of £200 sterling to Gen l Kosciusko —thro you, via Gen l Armstrong . I have to regret
I have now the pleasure to inclose you, sett of ex. 1 t 2 d & 3 d — Mess rs Bowie & Kurtz . dated 13 th Ins t a 60 days sight on M r W m
By the inclosed letter of M rs Beckley you will perceive the very unfortunate unforeseen situation in which M rs Beckleys Brothers Affairs are placed, and the faint expectation of their recovering so great a property depending on Varit Various uncertain events—the feeling sense of a gratefull acknowledgm t
I am without any of your favors since that of the 4 th April — Answered the 15 th — on the 25 th I had the Honor of inclosing to you M rs Beckleys letter to me , respecting her Brothers unfortunate
Your esteemed fav r 29 th Ult o inclosed Order on Bank of Pensyl a —as well 3 d Bill of Ex— on Acco t of Gen l Kosciusko —respecting the latter— on paying my respects on the Memorable 4 th
I regret exceedingly—at the lapse of time, since I had the pleasure of receiving your last fav r dated the 3 d July —I have also to regret the want of intelligence—respecting the uncertain fate of the two years Annual Remittance for Paris —viz— Bowie & Kurtz 14 h feb
Your much esteemed fav r 27 th Ult o received the 1 st Ins t persuade me the sett of ex for 1810. has reached the good Gen ls Banker. sh d any demur in point of paym t in either sett, the
since the receipt of M r Geo Taylors Advises respecting Bills of exchange on Paris , I have made sundry inquiries at Baltimore & a but have not obtained any satisfactory Acco t —even those few who are disposed to draw—I find ask a high advance say 10 per Cent above par—Under present Circumstance I should presume it ad v iseable to wait a M o or two—in expectation of a more favorable change of...
Your favor of the 15 h Ins t inclosing sundry Acco ts for payment—as well, Mess r Gibson and Jeffersons Order, on Bank of Columbia for $200—recd 23 d have been Appli e d —as follows viz—
since I had the pleasure of receiving your fav r of the 9 th covering one addressed to Mr John A Morton —in Care of M r Williams — Baltimore which, I forwarded per same mail— I am most agreably fav
On recp t of your fav r 30 th Ult. —recd the 5 h covering M r Mortons polite & friendly Offer in his Letter of the 24 h Apr l (herewith returned to you) so strongly recommended—by
since I had the pleasure in Answering your fav r 30 h passed, (not receiving any Answer from M r Morton ) I addressed Mess s B. & G. Williams on the 11 th on the pressing subj t —when on the 16
Davys report of the loss—in part of his provisions for himself—induced me to afford him a supply in Cash—equal his wants untill his Return home— viz two & one half —Dollars only— It gave me great pleasure to learn by him, of yours—and the good families perfect health, to whom to be pleased—tender my respects, and Accept D r Sir my sincere wishes for a happy Continuance of that most essential...
I avail myself on this Occasion to Ask the fav r of your Order, on the Cashier of Bank of Penn a for Gen l Kosiusko’s 6. M os Dividend due 1 st July —and however distressing the present Awfull times are I hope and trust—you injoy your Usual health, may a Continuance of so great a Blessing await your most sanguine wishes.— most Respectfully and very sincerily
I read with great Concern the very unfortunate Accident that befell you—The part swelled, (I presume in your Side) if not abated—and become stationary—must if possible be dispersed—removed—In somewhat a like Case with me—from a slight fall which caused me Considerable pain whenever I laid down—on either side— exclusive of the simple Applications Used in these Cases I Applied a Broad-stout...
I address you Sir at the Instance and on behalf of M r John Eliason of this place—a worthy good Man—Accustomed to the Manufacture of flour—Sole Owner of a Salt Mills at Bladensburg superindended by his son, a sober, decent, industrous Young Man— M r E. has been informed that M r Shoemaker & Son —had both forfeited (most shamefully ) their engagem
I am Hon d by your fav r 25 th Ult o Respecting the present situation of your Mills now under engagem t with M r Randolph . for One Year (date not specified.) M r
This will be handed you, by my friend and neighbour M r John Eliason , whom I had the Honor of introducing to you by letter the 6 th Jan y —respecting your Mills & c as to a partnership—as noticed—I presume would not be agreable to either—party—but should M r Randolph —be inclined to relinquish the business—whatever might be the condition agreed on either, with you, or M
With Reference to the want of intelligence from Gen l Kosciusko —I inclose you herewith M r Geo: Williams of Baltimore his letter to me dated 29 Jan y for y r goverment as well, on Acco t of making a further Remittance (if advisable.) in course of the insuing Month—no Latter Acco t
Thomas Jefferson Esq r In. a/c—with John Barnes . 1809 July & Aug t To Amo t of Acco t rendered 141.07— 1812 since when viz— March 24 th
Your fav r 21 st Ult o as well that of Mess rs Gibson & Jefferson , of the 29 th —Covering $540: are duly recd. and the Amo t placed—as you directed—as more particularly Appears, from the inclosed statem t of your a/c —which, I have Ventured—(being on so near a Scale) to Balance—
On mature reflection I have thought, your paying for those four years passed 8 per C t Int—on Gen l K —$4,500 (transferred to your a/c with him ) —without being Allowed—on that Acco t the Amo t of an extra premium and expences the Gen l must have been at, in the purchase of some Other Public stock, that would immediately produce the like Interest, for Instance, the Bank of Col a
since I had the pleasure of Answering your fav r of the 4 th Ins t M r Geo Williams of Balt o has fav rd me with answer to my 2 d letter to him—on the expected advices from G K
Your fav r 28 th Ult o I recd yesterday— The more I contemplate on the proposed plan of Remitting to Paris —viz Mess r G. W. & R & M —the more my doubts and dificulties encreases—
Your very Acceptable favour— tho dated, the 18 th Ult o did not reach, me before late last evening— conveying the ageeable intilligence— Gen l Kosciuskos receiving—your last years Remittance for ƒ5,500 franc’s—with order to remit his Annual Int thro same Convenint Channel— in consequence, I instantly Addressed a few lines to M r Geo Williams —at
Notwithstand g I wrote M r George Williams the 9 th Ins t requesting a sett of exchange for same Amo t as last year—at present ex—on the same firm vz Mess r Russell & Morton —I am as yet most cruely disappointed—in not receiving any Ans r
since I had the honor of Addressing you the 19 Ult —I had the pleasure of receiving the inclosed from M r Williams —to which I replied the 28 th requesting the fav r (in Case he should suceed in purchasing a Set of Ex—at New York . (if not too much trouble) he would also engage a Sett in my fav r for ƒ5000 franc’s—and that I would also wish to avail my self of the indulgence— in Case himself...
Inclosed, you recived recive M r Williams Letter to me, of the 9 th recd the 15 th Ult o —and such is the State of Affairs respecting a Remittance to be made Gen l K , that how, to govern my self I am at a loss to know—unless, M
Your fav r of the 29 h Ult o receved last Evening—and duly Notice its Contents, with referance to the good Gen l K — every exersion has been made by me to effect a remittanc—thro M r Williams and others, but without effect,—the late Occurances in Europe as well here, has but increased the difficulty— and to Attempt One at this Crisis—would be to hazard a still greater risque—what then I ask...
You were pleased Sir—in your fav r of the 29 h Ult o to ask my Opinion, on the propriety of your disposing of Gen l K s Penn a Bank Stock, and transpose the proceeds thereof on Loan to Goverm t by saying— “
On receipt of your fav r 23 d recd last Evening, I have by this days Mail wrote to my friend in Philad a (not to Alarm him in Case of any suspicion, as to the Cause) for his Advice & directions respecting the disposal of a few Shares (say ten) —of Penn a Bank Stock, for a friend of mine—and sh d the Offer be Acceptable the Curr t & selling price terms & tc
I have the pleasure: handing you, my friend M r Taylors letter of the 3 d by which, to regulate your proposed transfer—the present Curr t price at 141. ⅌ Ct is equal to $564. per Share, on 20 shares produces $11,280—by my Calculation.— it is however to be observed, in Case of a present Sale, the purchaser would be intitled to The 1 t July dividend, say $400—on the Other hand—immediately After,...
The contents of my worthy friend, Mr Alexr. Richards letter, is of so interesting a nature I could not, withstand the empressions of my feelings, to inclose it—for your perusal. Mr Richards was for many years, a Respectable shipping Mercht. in New York, but unfortunate, in his foreign Connections, which occasioned his removal to Madrid—a Justice of the peace—post masr. and Collector. In my...
The proposition and statem ts required is founded on the presumed sale of $8000. Penn a Bank Stock, producing 10 pC t paid half yearly—(of increasing Value) and Curr t price say, 40 pC t above par—and if so disposed of — And the Net proceeds invested in the New Loan Certificates—supposed to be Created—at 88 for every 100 dolls, bearing 6 per Cent paid quarterly—If this is Correctly the...
since my letter of the 4 th Ins t inclosing a sketch on the difference between continuing G K’ s $8,000. Penn a Bank stock, with its being made sale of a 40 ⅌ C t
I had this morning the pleasure of Presenting— your letter of the 22 d Ult o with the inclosed (herewith returned you) to Gen l Armstrong —and—withal tendered to him—your many thanks, for his politeness— in receiving paying, & forwarding the Articles therein mentioned—it had escaped his recollection, inquiring After your health & a beged I would tender to you his most respectfull good wishes...
Your much Esteem’ed, very Particular and interresting fav r of the 25 h Ult o recd by Yesterdays Mail—has been Attentively perused— Yr reasoning and determination fully conclusive—the Confidential deposit, of an Absent friend—wholly dependent on your Judgement, for the saf e ty of his property do not admit (at these eventfull times) even the shadow of a Risque—less then Goverment security. I...
since the close of my letter & deposit in the post Office— I waited on the Cash r of Bank of Columbia —for information respecting Subsc r ibing to the loan—he informed me—this being the last day for receiving Offer, & terms— he was then preparing his— an in order to wait on the Sect y of the Treasury .—he had two distinct offers to make—viz a 85½ & 88; and lest a further delay might protract...
M r Taylors unfavorable Acc t ⅌ last Evening Mail, says— “Bank stock, in general is falling Considerably. ” —that he sold—yesterday Penn a Bank stock a 135 ⅌ Ct. Own Owing to the Rumour of Peace—as well the demand for Cash—Subscribers to the New Loan— that the Certificates with a regular power of Atty—will be requiset to make the Sale—
My two last to you, were of the 2 d and 13 th —I am Anxiously waiting your power of Atty—Accompanied with the two Certificates—for the 20 Shares of Penn a Bank Stock— without which, I am unable to proceed a Step further, then to provide for the $2500—the first paym t to be made, 25 th Ins t . for this purpose I was Compell’d—to ask the fav r of a friend—to indorse (for my Note of $1480
Your very Acceptable fav r of the 8 th with its several inclosures, came safe to hand 21 Ins t viz The two Certificates of the 20 shares of P. B. Stock with power of Att y and duplicate thereof, as well yr letters to the Sect y of State & Treasury ,—sealed & presented yesterday—with Assurances that soon as the Momentous Crisis of
That you may form a pretty Correct idea of the prospect I had in View in effecting a Sale of the 20 shares Penn a Bank stock I inclose for y r Perusal M r Taylors last letter recd 26 th Ult o a few days prior to my departure for Philad a where I arrived the 1 st
Anxious to expedite a Remittance to Gen l Kosciusko —I have en g aged a sett of ex—(expected soon to be at par) a 7½ ⅌ Cent under—Am t £400 ster g as you will perceive by the inclosed statem t &c a as I have great expectations being able to convey my Letter &c—thro the hands of M