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I have great satisfaction in advising you, that yesterday, I had the pleasure meeting M r Monroe (at the Presidents )—to whom I presented my sealed packet addressed to Baring Brothers & C o London Covering, Bowie & Kurtz first of Exchange on W m Murdock for £400 ster g
Your fav r 28 h Ult o now before me—Acknowledge my several letters, up to 22 d — my last was of 27 h June Announc g my dispatch, to Baring Brothers & C o Covering £400. Sterling—together with my letter to the good
My friend M r S. had Notice from M r Taylor my being in Town —and inquired where I lodged—he gave him the N o 96. 3 d S t S o opposit S
Previous to my leaving Town , I had formed the Resolution to desist from the Use of either Wine Spirits—or even Porter—of which I am most fond off, or, to Accept of any invitation to dine at, either of my former Acquaintances—while in Philad a where friendly Congratulations were indeed very gratefull to my feelings—some of them looked nearly as Usual—others tottering under the weight of their...
My last to you on Business, was of 7 th Ins t in Answer to yours of the 28 th Ult o since when I deposited with M r Plasentson — (in M r Monroes Office) for next conveyance—my second of exchange—as well,
In making my Arangem ts for the 1 st paymt to the loan 25 th May for $2500. I was Necessi t ated, to procure a disc t for $1480—and now find—my self deficient nearly—$1000—(exclusive of your expected $360—) to be provided for, against 25 h Instant, when the 4 th and last paym t is to be made for $2500—soon as you can make it convenient—to remit me—will be very Acceptable—the times are...
Your fav r 20 th recd last Evening—I am really concerned to learn the sacrifice made to advance the $380—thro M r Gibson —who without remitting me—either in Bank Notes—or, depositing that Amo t in the Bank of Richmond and placed place g it to my Credit
Your fav r 30 th Ult o reached me last Evening, Covering five dollar Alex a Bank Note. they pass Curr t with us. and I trust will continue so to do— and I regret to perceive they’re refused in exchange even for Virg a paper,—Not to Accomodate with so near a Neighbour—whose late Misfortunes Sh d rather excite Compassion—and Assistance—then fear of their not being able to repair their...
I have great pleasure— inclosing you the above Copy —least you should not have received any advices of the like tenor—Your last fav r was of the 10 h Sep r — replied to 11 th Oct r — very Uncertain as to the final events—in Europe —as well at Washington . We may at least be permitted to Hope! something may yet be effected to Uphold—the National Credit—at this Eventfull Crisis—
My last Respects, was of the 6 th Ins t since when— your Scrip Certificate for $10.000—has been left with M r Nourse to be Consolidated in the Amo t of $12,500—6 ⅌ Ct stock, at the Rate—of 80$ advance for $100 stock—in your Name— of course, it will require your Gen l Power of Att
Your fav r 29 th Ult o recd the 5 th Covered, your Gen l power of Att y —in my fav r —the Accruing Int (Averaged.) from 10 h July—to 31 st Dec
John Barnes. George Town Co a In a/c w th Gen l Kosciusko in Paris 1814. Dolls–Cents. May to Sep r 12 th 8
I am anxiously waiting to hear from the good Gen l on his receiving the proceeds of the £400 ster g remitted him July last on Mess r Baring Brothers & C o London —as well to renew a Remittance early in May for a like sum— I should prefer a Bill on London —in preferance to one on Paris even if the exchange should be on equal terms. the difference in Negotiation is made up—in point of...
I had closed my letter of the 22 d Saturd y (but not sealed it) when I was fav rd with yours of the 18 th Covering— Order on the Treasury of the U States, for, $4870. which I presented to M r Shelden Yesterd y who asked of me—
Gen l Thad: Kosciusko in Paris In a/c w th John Barnes. Geo Town Co a 1814 Doll s & C ts Sep r 2
Since my last respects of the 25 th Ult o I am Honor’d by your two fav rs of the 7 th and 12 th Ins t . Anxiously— wishing to furnish the good Gen l K.
Gen l Kosciusk o In a/c with John Barnes in a/ Sales of his Penn a Bank Stock & Subscrip n to the US. Loan of 25 Millions of Dollars— 1814. Doll s C ts May 25 th
It is long since, I had the Honor of receiving any of your fav rs (the last of 25 th May .)—situated as the good Gen l then was and unhappy state of public Affairs in Paris , my Anxiety increased on Acco t of my Remittance to him 26 th April via Mess rs
My last inquiry respecting the good Gen l K. was of the 18 th Nov r last . since when, nothing has transpired with me, to direct, in what mode I should proceed, in Order to transmit him Via London , or Amsterdam —a further Remittance in Course of a M o or two—I have already Interest on hand, to the Amo t of $1130 65/
The long wished for letter from the good Gen l has at length Arrived and I hasten herewith to inclose you Duplicate—you will perceive by my letter of the 19 Ult o the app t Balance of his a/c in my hands was $1130. 69 100 exclusive of his Treasury Notes $4.500—bearing 5 ⅖ Int. due 16 April—to be then funded—I may therefore count on remitting him £200 Ster g on the best terms going—will I...
Your Esteemed fav r 7 h recd 21 st Relieved me from the Vague Rumour, which indeed, I paid little regard to— the Stock—intended for these treasury notes, are the funded 7 ⅌ Cents. which I shall attend to—with reference to a Bill on London the Most extravagant exchanges in paper, both to the Northw d and S o w d has so deranged, the exchanges on Europe
D r     Gen l Thad s Kosciusko In ℀ with John Barnes , Agent to T. Jefferson Esq r for a/  Sales in US. Treasury Notes & purchase in Colum
On receipt of your Esteemed favr 14 th received 19 th Even g I had yesterday the Honor of presenting the inclosed $100 Bank of Richmond to the Amiable Miss Randolph . to whom I beg’d permission to be Considered, as her Banker for the Accomodation of her Supplies while in washington , and having exchanged said note, into small change, I shall dispose of it, a the Curr t ex—from 6 a 7 ⅌ Ct...
I have now the Hon r of Covering you Statem t of Sales Gen l Kosciusko s Treasury Notes and purchase therew th of B k Stock—as Noticed in my letter 22 d
Thro the politeness of M r Monroe —I am fav rd with the inclosed. Viz Gen l Kosciusko s letter dated Soleure 15 April the Contents of course—his pressing wants of a seasonable Remittance, which from the extreme advance of exchange—I cannot bring myself to comply with without your express consent & Approbation— and altho’ the present Balance in my hands viz $1400—do not warrant a Bill of Ex....
On recp t of your fav r 27 th Ul t in Ans r to mine of the 18 th I judge in it proper to present you with a View or statem t
Yesterday I waited on M r whann Cash r of Bank of Colum a as well M r Nourse Register of the Treasury respecting the Transfers you proposed in the Name of Gen l Thad s
I am Anxiously waiting receipt of your expected fav r in Answer to my Letters of the 5 th & 10 th of Aug t —the first Covered: a rough statem t of Gen l Kosciusko s ℀ with me whilst
Your much Esteemed fav r so Anxiously expected together with the inclosiers—Viz the good Gen ls Letter dated Soleure   April last, as well his Original and general power of Attorney to you, with substitution &c—all of which shall be duly Attended to.—and no doubt with me—can be Obtruded—or raised—against their being Admitted to be of suff: Validity, for me to rec e ive —thro you—the present...
Genl. Thad s Kosciusko in a/c. with John Barnes for Sale of Treasury notes bearing 5⅔ pr. ct. Int. and payable 21 st April, 1816 . March 21 1816 . To C. Smith , Esqr.
from the receipt of your last fav rs date, 12 h Oct r your proposed Absense from Monticello for six weeks, via Bedford —from the 19 th my present,—would probably meet your return— I have now to detail—the several, unexpected distressing Vexsatious tryals, my feelings and patience, has experiencd: suffic i ently roused
Your Esteemd fav r 15 th on your Return from Bedford After 7. weeks Absence— Covered your 2 powers for my Receiving all divid ds or profits due or may hereafter become due—&c a . Be pleased to Observe—Both these Stocks viz the $12,500. 6 pC ts and the 46 share Colum
The inclosed particulars & general statem t of Gen l Kosciusko ’s ℀ with me up to 26 Nov r last—together with my remarks—will I flatter my self, fully explain to you—(and thro you to the good Gen l ) the cause of the Balance being thus in my favor—$812. EE. —    Owing to the perculiar Circumstances Attending the protested £200—as well the Accom o dation of the £234. remitted, in lieu...
Notwithstand g what has been said, & done, Respecting your several powers—they have not had an Accomodating effect with the Comptroller —for Answer—He knows of None— but the Law —and cannot therefore be Admitted:—still in Order to save you the trouble—a Ride of many Miles to the Majestrate— M r Randolp h —your Witness—his Attest to it before me—will be Accepted Of — My first Attempt on the...
In pursuance of your late fav r of the 28 Ult o Recd the 28 h Ult o 1 st Ins t I have at length effected a Transfer—of your two Certificates of 6 pCt of U States Amo t $12,499.99—in the like sums
Know all Men, by these presents That I, Thomas Jefferson , of Monticello in Virginia do subsitute—and Appoint— John Barnes , of George Town in the Territory of Columbia my Attorney in Fact for the purpose of Receiving from the Treasury of the United States —all Sums of Interest, due or to become due on any public Stock standing in the Name of Thaddeus Kosciusko . Now of Soleure in Swiserland...
Your Esteemed fav r 17 th Acknowledgs Recpt of the Certificates of Gen l Kosciusko ’s 6 ⅌ Ct as well Bank Stock of Columbia—as specified—And now inclose you Copy of the form required —for you to Executed Execute —in Order—to my rec e iving the quarterly Interest, on the former—for the dividend on the Bank Stock—I trust is already satisfactory—adjusted—with Referance to the