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Statement of my Property and Debts July 1, 1804

Statement of my property and Debts July 1. 18041

Real Estate

My share of Townships No. 9. 10. 15. 17 and 21 in Scribas Patent in connection with J B Church and John Lawrance viz

¹⁄₆ of the first purchase the whole being 31528 acres & ¼ of an acre & one third of the residuary purchase upon the suit in chancery being together nearly 20000 acres which now stand me in about2 } 33000
My ¼ of purchase in Nobleborough together with J Laurance Robert Troupe & N Fish being 5450 acres computed now to stand me in abt.3 } 9000
Five shares of lands in the Ohio Company4 being about 6000 acres purchased chiefly with a certificate for my own services & estimated to now stand me in } 6000
4 lots in the City of New York5 being the moiety of 8 lots purchased of I Riley the other moiety
for J B Church now stand me in about 1800
deduct a subsisting morgage thereupon not precisely recollected suppose }
650 1150
My establishment in the Country6 at Hœrlem estimated to now stand me in about } 25000
Dollars 74150
Personal Estate
Furniture and Library 3000
Horses and Carriages 600
Good Debts
Due me from W Greene on account of a Purchase of Trustees of Ringwood Company7 on the Guaranty of P Schuyler & others say principal & interest abt 500
deduct this sum still unpaid to Trustees ab.  250
Ds 3850
Estimated cost of real Estate Ds. 74150
Personal Estate 3850
Due me for professional services say 2500 6350
Dollars 80500
Debts which I owe
1 To the several Banks in the City of New York8 } 20000
2 To Gilchrist & Fowler9 (suppose) 10000
3 To Richard Harrison and Aaron Ogden as Trustees for Louis Le Guen & his wife secured by Mortgage on my house 5000 Ds. with one years interest10 } 5350
4 To the same for this sum passed to my Credit on Bank of UStates11 on account of 6 Ct Stock } 269.57
5 To Louis Le Guen, this sum borrowed of him my Note (a years interest being paid) } 3000
6 To Herman Le Roy Mortgage to Schiefflin12 assigned to him 4000
years interest nearly due  280 4280
7 To J B Church
per account June 23. 1803 3000.60
Interest for a year 210  
Due me per my Book suppose  600 2610
8 To Nicholas Fish suppose 1500
9 To Victor Du Pont per my bond abt 1000
My Note to him payable 1 Aug13   800 
10 To S Bradhurst14 for part of my Country seat purchased of him principal & half a years interest say } 3110
11 To Jacob Sherrid15 probably 1000
12 To John Laurance for two thirds of an accommodation Note discounted at the Mercts. Bank (say) 600 490
Deduct what he owes me act.  100
13 To J B Dash Junr.16 Note 512.32
Miscellany 800 54722
Ballance in my favour Dollars 25778


No. 2 The sum due to Fowler & Gilchrist is on account of a purchase under a mortgage which they had upon a tract of land including that which was bought by Church Laurance & myself. By agreement this money was payable by installments. For the first I gave them my notes which have been paid, though they retain the bond for that installment, which ought to be delivered up. The remaining installments are to be paid—the first is now due.

No. 7 Sometime last fall, I authorised J B Church to sell my four lots if they would bring each 200 pounds & apply the proceeds to my credit. Since that I have verbally told him that he might sell them at whatever he should be willing to sell his own for. I consider what has been done as amounting to an appropriation of these lots towards the payment of his Debt and so has been my intention. I have hesitated indeed whether I ought not now to do a definitive act to effect this object. But on reflection I thought it adviseable to leave things in statu quo with this explanation.

As to Item No. 4 of my debts, I have thought it right to put it on the same foot with my bank accommodations because it is part of a Trust fund being the 2 per cent which was paid on account of the principal of the Stock, for which reason it was not paid over to Mr Le Guen. But I think I have made a mistake in paying the full interest as received, since from the Constitution of the public debt a part of this must represent the remaining principal. If there be any error Mr. Le Guen will readily replace it or it can be retained out of the sum I owe him individually. I have been rather negligent as to the entry of my remittances but except fragments amounting to a few dollars he has had as I believe all I have received for him on account of the trust fund or otherwise not noted in this paper. This he will himself put right & indeed may be collected from his letters.

I have thought it right to do the like as to Item No 12 because in fact this is a joint accommodation note. So also as to 11 & 13 because the labour & supplies of these parties have contributed to form this the fund—being for the purpose of my house &c at Haerlem.

AD, New-York Historical Society, New York City.

1This document was part of the third item on the “List of Papers Given to Nathaniel Pendleton,” July 19, 1804.

4See H to Oliver Wolcott, Jr., October 3, 1802, note 7.

8For H’s transactions with the Bank of New York and the New York branch of the Bank of the United States, see his Cash Book, 1795–1804 (AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).

Under this item at this point H wrote and then crossed out: “Further sum which I expect to borrow 600.” Next to this entry he wrote: “(not done.)” See H to Wolcott, September, 1803.

11On July 16, 1804, Church, Nicholas Fish, and Pendleton, H’s executors, wrote to the president and directors of the New York branch of the Bank of the United States asking that H’s “notes in your Bank when they fall due may remain with their present endorsements … until a favorable time and opportunity may offer for disposing advantageously of such part of his property as it may become necessary to see for the purpose of discharging his debts …” (LS, Mr. Hall Park McCullough, Bennington, Vermont).

13See H to Victor Marie Du Pont de Nemours, January 30, May 12, 1804.

14Samuel Bradhurst. See the introductory note to Schuyler to H, July 17, 1800, note 7.

15Jacob Sherrid, a New York City painter and glazier. See H’s Cash Book, 1795–1804, under the date of June 2, 1803 (AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).

16John B. Dash, Jr., a New York City ironmonger. See H’s Cash Book, 1795–1804 (AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).

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