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Alexandria, Virginia, October 24, 1786. Is detained at Alexandria. Asks Hamilton’s assistance in settling various financial affairs in New York City. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
Yorktown, Virginia, August 1, 1786. Has “of this date drawed on you at Ten days sight for … One Hundred pounds currency of New York in favour of Colo. John Jameson.” Requests Hamilton to pay this sum “out of the money arising from Harts Debt.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Malcolm Hart.
[ St. Croix, May 31, 1785. On June 22, 1785, Hamilton wrote to James Hamilton : “I have received your letter of the 31st of May last.” Letter not found. ] James Hamilton was H’s older brother. See H to James Hamilton, June 22, 1785, note 1 .
Yours of the 12th. Instant I have just reced & am glad to find your Sentiments coinside with mine respecting the deposit of Bank Stock. I will immediately subscribe two thousand dollars for Mr Church. By the very next oppo. I will send a Sketch of the Acct between us. I am with respect    Sir    Your most Obdt Servt LC , Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Letter not found.
New York, January 10, 1785. Itemizes amounts of money paid for a house in New York City during the British occupation. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Jamieson was the head of the dry goods house of Neil Jamieson and Company located at 933 Water Street, New York City. H wrote on the margin of this letter the names of the various British commanders in New York from 1778 to 1783.
Philadelphia, July 4, 1784. Asks for information concerning an act of the New York legislature “relative to debts due to persons who were Residents of Your State, and whose Estates have been forfeited.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Forman had been a New Jersey Loyalist who joined the British army. He was taken prisoner and later released in Pennsylvania. When this letter was...
[ New York ] December 3, 1787 . Requests Hamilton to make arrangements for the purchase of a house and lot which Troup wishes to buy. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
[ Richmond, June 13, 1788. On June 25, 1788, Hamilton wrote to Madison: “I am very sorry to find by your letter of the 13th that your prospects are so critical.” Letter not found. ]
[ December 21, 1785. On the back of a letter that Church wrote to Hamilton on April 5, 1786 , Hamilton wrote: “Letters from J B Church December 21 April 5. 1786.” Letter of December 21 not found. ]
[ England, August 1, 1784. On February 2, 1785, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I only trouble you with these few Lines to mention the Earnest Wish I have to hear of your Receipt of Mine of 1st. August.” Letter not found. ]
New York, September 1, 1786. Will pay a bill drawn on Miller by Samuel Broome in Hamilton’s favor in about three weeks. AL , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Miller was a delegate to Congress from Rhode Island. See Samuel Broome to H, August 18, 1786 .
Raritan [ New Jersey ] July 14, 1785 . Hopes that his father will be given a new trial. Asks for Hamilton’s assistance. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Hardenbergh was the son of Johannes Hardenbergh of Ulster County, New York. See “Cash Book,” March 1, 1782–1791, note 29 .
London, April 4, 1787. “… Interested as I am in a large landed Property in the State of New Yorke; under former Grants of the Crown, and which not having been confiscated, is considered to be secure to me in virtue of the Treaty, I am anxious to be informed, from a Gentleman of your high Professional merit, whether or not, and how far, the Principle of Alienism , is adopted seriously by your...
[ England, March 30, 1784. On June 18, 1784, Hamilton wrote to Seton : “I have been duely honored with your letter of the 30th. of March.” Letter not found. ] Hugh Seton of Leicester Fields, County of Middlesex, England, was the partner of John Ballantyne of Bologne, France, in the firm of Charles and Hugh Smith and Company. Seton asked H to collect a debt for him. See H to Seton, June 18, 1784 .
[ New York ] May 8, 1786 . Requests “the honor of seeing” Hamilton “in the course of this day.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
New York, December 27, 1785. “Please … deliver all the papers … [respecting] my father to the bearer my Clark.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Leary owned a grocery store at 182 Water Street in New York City. At the bottom of this letter, H wrote: “Delivered Bond Mortgage & Certificate of discharge according to the above.”
Greenwich [ Connecticut ] March, 1784 . Instructs Hamilton to collect interest on money owed to Le Roy by John Reade. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Le Roy was a member of the New York merchant firm of Jacob Le Roy and Sons.
[ Philadelphia ] January 22, 1786 . Requests Hamilton’s opinion on money due on “Middletons Bond.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
Philadelphia, October 1, 1786. “I have your favour of the 26th Septr. Your objection to taking Mr Seixas’s bond is conclusive; his base acknowlegement of the amount of our claim I cannot consent to accept. Let an amicable suit be instituted and judgment confessed by Mr Seixas for the balance, with stay till 1st October 1789.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Letter not found.
Philadelphia, September 30, 1784. Encloses legal papers to be used by Hamilton in “execution of the will of … John Holt, late of New-York printer deceased.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. After the war Pickering, a native of Massachusetts, settled in Philadelphia where he became a merchant.
Philadelphia, October 23, 1786. “Your favor of the 17th. was handed me this morning. Mr. Robert Bowne my Attorney … [will] call upon you for the One hundred and sixty Pounds received from Mr. Bostwick.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Letter not found.
Philadelphia, August 23, 1788. Requests information respecting Forman’s claim against the estate of Philip Livingston. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Forman was a former New Jersey Loyalist and at this time was practicing law in Philadelphia.
[ Bath, England, November 28, 1783. Letter not found. ] “List of Letters from Mr. Jay …” to H, Columbia University Libraries. Jay had gone to Europe in January, 1780, as Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain. In June, 1782, he went to Paris to serve as one of the commissioners to negotiate peace with Great Britain. The definitive peace treaty was signed in Paris on September 3, 1783, and in...
Scarsdale [ New York ] September 12, 1785 . Renews request made on May 27, 1785, for information on various legal actions taken to recover numerous debts. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
New York, April 24, 1787. “I wish you Could so Much advance the Settlement of My affairs as to Make Me Receive of the Trustees of Bayards Estate a Sum Sufficient to Provide for My Urgent Expences during your Absence and Reimburse you what you so Obliginly have Sent to Me.…” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Catherine Bayard was the widow of Samuel Bayard.
[ Philadelphia, December 2, 1788. On February 10, 1789, Hamilton wrote to McKean : “I duly received the letter which you did me the honor to write me of the 2d of Decr. last.” Letter not found. ] McKean was chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and a member of that state’s Ratifying Convention.
Elizabethtown [ New Jersey ] December 22, 1788 . Discusses the settlement of the estate of Philip Livingston. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
Poughkeepsie [ New York ] January 17, 1786 . Sends information concerning a litigation about which Hamilton had written to Bailey on November 20, 1785. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Letter not found.
New York, March 22, 1785. “[I enclose] a statement respecting the Rents (of the different Lotts on the Vineyard in dispute with the Beekmans) that we have received since the Death of my Father, which I hope will be sufficient both to you and the other Gentlemen Arbitrators of this disagreeable Business to conclude upon.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. White was the son of Thomas...
I am favored with your two Letters of the 30 September. The Debate on Indian affairs which I believe is got through, and that on the Residence of Congress which is yet in agitation has entirely thrown aside for some time the consideration of the Peace Establishment—when it is Resumed I will take care that your application comes into View and shall be happy if any thing in my power may...
Kinderhook [ New York ] October 25, 1786 . “I enclose you a Case for your Opinion, with a Fee. Tis a confused Business but I hope you will hit upon a clue to lead us through the Labyrinth. I have it also in Charge to retain you on Behalf of the Vandenberghs and Van Vechtens.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. For information on Van Schaack, see H to Angelica Church, August 3, 1785,...
[ New York, 1783 .] Requests that Hamilton serve as attorney in a suit brought against Swartwout by John Thurman for nonpayment of debt. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Swartwout was a member of the New York Assembly from Dutchess County in 1777 and 1778 and from 1780 to 1783.
September 24, 1785. Discusses pending litigation between Captain Phillips and Colonel Van Rensselaer concerning a debt contracted by Phillips in 1776. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Silvester was a lawyer who practiced in the area which, in 1786, became Columbia County.
Letter not found. 13 June 1788 . Mentioned in Hamilton to JM, 25 June 1788 . Describes the critical outlook for ratification of the Constitution at the Richmond convention.
New York, April 23, 1787. Asks Hamilton’s assistance in securing a disputed legacy left to her by her husband. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Mary Bryant was the widow of Dr. William Bryant of Trenton, New Jersey.
[ Tinmouth, Vermont, July 14, 1788. On this date Nathaniel Chipman wrote Hamilton that Kelly “writes by the same opportunity.” Letter not found. ]
Philadelphia, February 18, 1786. “I am much obliged by your polite favour of the 4th. instant. Not thinking myself authorized to transfer discretionary powers … in Mr. Lillys affair, I have wrote to him, signifying my inability to act for him further; and recommending … to send a special Agent for the purpose of securing his interests.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Letter not found.
Albany, September 2, 1788. Sends information for his defense against a bill filed in Chancery by Charles John Evans and Agatha Evans. ADfS , Schuyler Papers, MS Division, New York Public Library. For information concerning this document, see Benjamin Walker to H, September 3, 1803 (printed in this volume).
Letter not found. 20 November 1788. Acknowledged in Hamilton to JM, 23 Nov. 1788 . Mentioned in Duer to JM, ca. 25 Nov. 1788 . Clinton may be a candidate for vice-president. The political prospects in Virginia are not favorable for JM’s election to the new Congress.
London, June 5, 1786. Sends duplicate of a letter addressed to Hamilton on December 6, 1785 . ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
[ January 7, 1789. On January 29, 1789, Hamilton wrote to Sedgwick : “I thank you for your two letters of the 4th and 7th instant.” Letter of January 7 not found. ]
New York, April 15, 1785. “I yesterday saw Mr. Cor[neliu]s P. Low & he is not willing to do anything, & now says the money belongs to the state. He alters his opinion often. Will you be so kind, and take this affair in your hands for me & if you think I can recover it, I beg you will.” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Beekman, member of a prominent New York merchant family, had been...
St. Croix, March 7, 1787. Requests Hamilton’s opinion on Beekman’s liability for a bail bond he signed with Gilbert Woodward. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Beekman was a partner in the St. Croix firm of Beekman and Cruger.
New York, March 10, 1787. Request Hamilton to collect debts owed by several individuals to Broome and Platt, a firm indebted to Le Roy and Sons. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.
[ Boston, November 12, 1788. Letter not found. ] “Letters from T. S. [Theodore Sedgwick] to Genl. A. Hamilton,” William Livingston Papers, Book 3, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. Sedgwick, a lawyer in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, was a member of the state legislature in 1780, 1782, 1783, 1787, and 1788, a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1785 to 1788, and speaker of the...
Charleston, South Carolina, May 12, 1787. Requests Hamilton to collect a debt owed More by “Mr. John Tayleur formerly Merchant in this Place, now keeping a Jeweller’s Shop in Queen Street near the Coffee house in New York.” LS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. More was a Charleston physician.
Delaware Mills near Trenton, May 26, 1787. “On my arrival at Newyork your Letter was handed me.… I will endeavour to fulfill the proposition I made of paying the Remainder due on the Bond I gave, previous to my leaving Newyork for England which will be in the Course of the next Month; for the Ballance which will satisfy one half of the Debt, I will put such Security in your hands as I trust...
[ New York ] January 22, 1789 . “… I called at your House to see You but found you surrounded with so many people on Business that I would not interrupt you. I hand you Gouverneur’s power of attorney which authorizes me to mortgage his Estate.…” ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Isaac Gouverneur.
Philadelphia, May 17, 1785. Sends information concerning Ross’s share of ownership of the ship Diligent . ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Ross, a Philadelphia merchant, was an agent for François, Marquis de Barbé-Marbois, the French chargé d’affaires in the United States. H was representing Ross in Bartholomew Terrasson et al . v. Ship Diligent , a case pending before the New York...
Fairfield, Virginia, September 17, 1788. Writes concerning “the settlement of Col. Wm. Aylett’s public accounts as deputy commissary general.” Asks Hamilton to block any resolution in Congress that would prevent the settlement of these accounts. ALS , Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress. Minnes, who had served as an officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, was taken...