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10116 [i.e. 17] Saturday. (Adams Papers)
A Stormy Day.
10217 [i.e. 18] Sunday. (Adams Papers)
A Stormy Day. For these 3 days past there has been a severe N.E. Storm. Heard Mr. Maccarty. Spent the Evening at Major Gardiners.
10318 [i.e. 19] Monday. (Adams Papers)
The Storm continues.
10419 [i.e. 20] Tuesday. (Adams Papers)
A lovely Day after the Storm. Drank Tea at Major Chandlers. Walked with the Coll. to his Saw-mill Farm.
10520 [i.e. 21] Wednesday. (Adams Papers)
Charming Weather. The Fields begin to look verdant. The leaves begin to shew themselves on the apple Trees, and Blossoms on the peach Trees. Drank Tea at Mr. Putnams. Spent the Evening at the Majors.
10621 [i.e. 22] Thurdsday. (Adams Papers)
Cloudy, black morning. Cleared away very pleasant about 9. Dined at Capt. Stearns’s, with the Officers of the Militia in this Place. Spent the Evening at Mr. Greenes.
10722 [i.e. 23] Fryday. (Adams Papers)
A pleasant Day. I can as easily still the fierce Tempests or Stop the rapid Thunderbolt, as command the motions and operations of my own mind. I am dull, and inactive, and all my Resolution, all the Spirits I can muster, are insufficient to rouse me from this senseless Torpitude. My Brains seem constantly in as great Confusion, and wild disorder, as Miltons Chaos. They are numb, dead. I have...
10823 [i.e. 24] Saturday. (Adams Papers)
A cloudy morn. All my Time seems to roll away unnoticed. I long to study sometimes, but have no opportunity. I long to be a master of Greek and Latin. I long to prosecute the mathematical and philosophical Sciences. I long to know a little of Ethicks and moral Philosophy. But I have no Books, no Time, no Friends. I must therefore be contented to live and die an ignorant, obscure fellow. A...
10924 [i.e. 25] Sunday. (Adams Papers)
Astronomers tell us, with good Reason, that not only all the Planets and Satellites in our Solar System, but all the unnumbered Worlds that revolve round the fixt Starrs are inhabited, as well as this Globe of Earth. If this is the Case all Mankind are no more in comparison of the whole rational Creation of God, than a point to the Orbit of Saturn. Perhaps all these different Ranks of Rational...
11025 [i.e. 26] Monday. (Adams Papers)
The Reflection that I penned Yesterday, appears upon the review to be weak enough. For 1st. we know not that the Inhabitants of other Globes have sinned. Nothing can be argued in this manner, till it is proved at least probable that all those Species of rational Beings have revolted from their rightful Sovereign.—When I examine the little Prospect that lies before me, and find an infinite...